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Meet ASMP CASE Act Advocate Wes Guerrier

By June 20, 2019 June 25th, 2019 Advocacy

As part of ASMP’s Advocacy is a Verb Series, we want to spotlight members who go above and beyond with their support of ASMP advocacy efforts. As without member advocates, ASMP would not be able to achieve the legislative and legal milestones that seek to protect the rights and works of creators.

Meet ASMP Advocate Wes Guerrier

Wes Guerrier is a Baltimore-based professional photographer and a member of the ASMP Baltimore Chapter. Wes has been a photographer for five years, and specializes in portraits, commercial, natural light, boudoir, abstract and fine art.


© Wes Guerrier

We asked:

How have infringements affected your business?

I am not sure since I don’t know if any of my work has yet been infringed upon.

Why do you support the CASE Act?

I support the Case Act because I can see how it creates a much more affordable opportunity to successfully defend one’s copyrights, avoiding the old way of expensive legal battles in Federal Court. It will finally level the playing field, since companies  and/or individuals who habitually infringe on the rights of creators who have substantial economic power, use the Federal Court as a tool to their advantage to unfairly force the creators to give up on fighting for their copyrights.

Learn more about Wes and his work in his ASMP Find a Photographer profile.

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