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by | Dec 20, 2019 | Advocacy, Strictly Business Blog

The new campaign is called #JustOne – since there is just one senator standing between the creator community and the passing of the CASE Act, and that is Oregon Senator @RonWyden. See options for action below.

Action #1: Create a #JustOne Selfie and Post

To kick things off, we’re inviting you to take selfies (and/or short video clips) that depict you holding up one index finger to indicate #JustOne Senator is holding up the CASE Act, and looking for you to encourage as many creators (and friends of the creator community) as possible to take selfies (and/or short video clips) and participate in the #JustOne campaign.

Campaign Hashtags: #JustOne, #CASEAct and #MySkillsPayBills. And when tweeting messages, please be sure to tag Senator @RonWyden.

Quick tip regarding selfies: Feel free to look serious when taking selfies for this campaign, but remember to keep it above board and no need to look “menacing”.

And here’s a link to a FB photo frame (thanks for creating this, Jenna Close!):

Just click on the “the case act” to find it. ASMP is listed as the owner, but everyone is welcome to use the frame.

Action #2: Repost and Retweet current #JustOne content

If you don’t want to create your own #JustOne selfie to post, please feel free to repost/retweet the images currently posted on ASMP social media channels listed below and share them with your colleagues, friends, and family.

Here are some existing tweets that are brand new, which you’re welcome to RT (and just search #JustOne on twitter for more):

Additional sample tweets and posts below:


  • #JustOne senator is standing in the way of the #CASEAct – @RonWyden. Call his office at 202-224-5244 or email him at to urge him to lift his hold on the bill TODAY. #MySkillsPayBills
  • There’s #JustOne senator blocking my ability to protect my rights as a creator. Email Senator @RonWyden of Oregon at or call him at 202-224-5244 and tell him to lift his hold on the #CASEAct NOW. #MySkillsPayBills
  • .@RonWyden is the only senator with a hold on the #CASEAct – which is preventing the bill from moving forward. Contact him at 202-224-5244 or to urge him to lift his hold NOW. #MySkillsPayBills #JustOne


  • It doesn’t seem possible that just one senator would be able to stop justice in its tracks — and yet that’s exactly what Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is doing regarding the CASE Act. Contact him at 202-224-5244 or and urge him to stop standing in the way of the creative community by lifting his hold on the bill. #JustOne
  • There’s just one senator standing in the way of access to justice for the creative community: Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon. Email him at or call him at 202-224-5244 TODAY to urge him to lift his hold on the CASE Act. #JustOne
  • [Sen. Ron Wyden] made promises at the first [townhall], which he apparently hasn’t kept,” says Oregon photographer and ASMP national board vice-chair Michael Shay. “We’re very concerned about why Senator Wyden … is the only guy standing in the way of passing the CASE Act. He’s the only senator who has a hold on a bill that passed 400 to 11 in the House of Representatives. ”Read the full Billboard article here:

If you have any questions about the #JustOne Campaign, send your questions to

Thank you for supporting ASMP CASE Act efforts! For more information about the CASE Act, go to CASE Act Central.