HR 3945 Member Advocacy Challenge

by | Nov 17, 2017 | Advocacy, Small Claims Report, Strictly Business Blog

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All organizations focused on protecting the rights of creators are amping up their advocacy efforts in support of HR 3945, “Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2017” (The CASE Act), and we are issuing a challenge to all ASMP members. Let’s see if we can OUT ADVOCATE our colleagues!

While many of you have acted on our earlier requests to contact your representatives to encourage their support of HR 3945, it is critical that we up the numbers of our outreach by members to send a message to our legislators that protecting the rights of creators who represent a significant number of American small businesses is of critical import!

Let’s tell our political representatives and the public-at-large that visual creators will not continue to be disadvantaged in this digital age, and that our copyrighted works belong to us, just like Disney trademarks belong to Disney, and General Electric patents belong to General Electric!

We have made the advocacy process quite easy! We have even written a sample letter  that you can tailor as a message for your personal situation as a visual creator. If you have already acted, we thank you, and would ask that you forward this advocacy challenge on to your creative teams – whether or not they are ASMP members – as we need to deliver a strong message by standing together in supporting greater protections for our creative works.

Resources for Action on HR 3945:

Background of Small Claims Copyright Legislation

Sample Member Letter to Representative

 3945 Talking Points

For additional information on ASMP’s Small Claims advocacy efforts and actions, go to Small Claims Report, and join the ASMP advocacy discussion in the NEW Advocacy Forum.