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Complete ACA Survey to Secure Funding for ASMP Programs

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Dear Member,

I’m writing to seek your help in filling out a survey questionnaire from the Authors Coalition of America (ACA).

As previously discussed, in order to receive funds from the ACA, we are required to submit affidavits from every member indicating that they have the potential to have had work copied by entities overseas as a precondition.

What does this mean to ASMP: The ACA distributes non-title specific funds received from overseas entities belonging to the International Federation of Reprographic Rights Organizations. These funds are collected from organizations chartered to collect and disburse money collected for electro/mechanical devices used to copy copyrighted works. Think of it as a use fee. Click here for a more-detailed explanation.

Why it matters to ASMP: Per our contract with the ACA, we are required to use the money collected from the ACA to create educational programming and do advocacy that benefits the professional photography community as a whole. Using the money in this way to defray the costs of our educational programs and advocacy. For example, it enables us to return more money to local chapters or invest in new ways to extend member benefits.

Our requirement to ACA: We are required to submit affidavits of attestation for every eligible member of ASMP to ensure that we are in compliance should ACA and all affiliated organizations ever be subject to an audit. This is a legal requirement I take seriously as the person verifying our eligibility as an ACA board member representing ASMP.

What you can do to help: By filling out this online survey questionnaire , listing yourself as an eligible member, assuming you have had work distributed electronically (item 120) or in print (item 121) form. If you are also the author of a single book where you have produced text and photos, you can also check the appropriate boxes under non-fiction author.

This year we have already received a significant distribution that is only possible of being added to if you fill out the attached survey questionnaire, and email it to, or mail to ASMP, P.O. Box 31207, Bethesda, MD 20824. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and contribution to strengthening ASMP’s finances so we can continue to serve you well.

All the best,

Thomas R. Kennedy
Executive Director

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