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Chairman Nadler Gives Boost to Ensure Federal Stimulus Programs Protect Microbusinesses and Self-Employed Individuals

By April 29, 2020Advocacy, COVID-19


Over the past few weeks, ASMP, and other similarly situated organizations, have urged members of Congress to take steps to ensure that microbusinesses of 10 or less employees –a category that fits most ASMP members–are treated more fairly under the SBA’s PPP and EIDL programs. Representative Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Chairman of the powerful House Judiciary Committee gave such efforts a boost last week when he submitted a statement for the record to the Small Business Committee’s Member Day Hearing on COVID-19 Response and Recovery.

In this statement, Rep. Nadler critiqued the rollout of the PPP and EIDL programs, and he made much-needed suggested changes to these newly-minted programs. Importantly, I was gratified that Rep. Nadler referenced the overwhelming problems faced by microbusinesses, self-employed individuals, and nonprofits under the current SBA programs in applying for and receiving monies under these programs—echoing concerns that I raised in a conference call with the Chairman’s staff earlier that week.

In the weeks ahead, ASMP will remain laser-focused on urging Congress to correct the deficiencies in the PPP and EIDL programs that all too often are leaving ASMP members out in the cold. For example, we will continue to urge Senators and Representatives to make the application process fairer and more streamlined, and to set a specific sum of money from these programs for the express benefit of such microbusinesses. Our success in this endeavor will turn also on your ability to deliver this critical message to members of the House and Senate. See lists of the members of the House and Senate leadership, as well as the members of the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees. Please take time to write to those listed on these Committees and urge them to treat microbusiness more fairly in future stimulus legislation. We have made it easy to contact all members of Leadership and House and Senate Committees with one click in a Phone2Action campaign.

I believe our advocacy is essential to ensure our voices are heard at the highest levels of government and we will continue to push for changes to the stimulus packages that address the concerns raised by Rep. Nadler.

Thomas R. Kennedy
ASMP Executive Director

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