CASE Act-ion: October Campaign to Add Co-Sponsors

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Advocacy, Copyright Reform, Small Claims Report

ASMP would like to thank all who participated in the 50 States in 20 Days campaign!


The 50-state campaign was very successful as the CASE Act now has 130 co-sponsors in the House and 16 co-sponsors in the Senate thanks to all of your advocacy efforts. ASMP advocates have sent more than 15,000 emails/tweets to Congressional inboxes and social forums in support of the CASE Act. For latest updates about the CASE Act, go to CASE Act Central.

With Congressional members’ return to Capitol Hill this week, ASMP and its advocacy partners are encouraging CASE Act advocates to continue sending messages to non-sponsoring members of the House of Representatives and Senate to encourage their support in preparation for potential votes in the House and Senate on the CASE Act in the next few weeks.

Take Action

So, we invite you to once again take action in your state campaign to contact your state’s Representatives and Senators who have still not signed on as co-sponsors to help ensure that there are as many co-sponsors onboard in support of the CASE Act in expectation of both the House and Senate taking action.

To take action, click on your state’s link below. This will bring up the campaign page and allow you to message ALL current non-sponsoring Representatives and Senators in your state to encourage them to sign on as a CASE Act co-sponsor. Let’s up those number of co-sponsors!

Thank you in advance for your continued support of ASMP advocacy efforts. Your actions are definitely making an impact on Capitol Hill!

Alabama                Florida                         Kentucky                  Missouri                         North Carolina              Texas

Alaska                    Georgia                        Louisiana                 Montana                         Ohio                                  Utah
Arizona                  Hawaii                          Maine                         Nebraska                       Oklahoma                       Vermont
Arkansas               Idaho                            Maryland                  Nevada                            Oregon                            Virginia
California             Illinois                           Massachusetts       New Hampshire          Pennsylvania                Washington
Colorado              Indiana                         Michigan                   New Jersey                    Rhode Island                West Virginia
Connecticut         Iowa                              Minnesota                 New Mexico                 South Carolina             Wisconsin
Delaware              Kansas                          Mississippi                New York                       Tennessee                     Wyoming