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CASE Act-ion: Join the Fall 2020 Senate Clicks Campaign!

By September 17, 2020Advocacy, Copyright


September 15 Update: A final Senate vote on the CASE Act may be happening soon and we want to have a majority of Senators on board as co-sponsors when that vote hits the Senate floor. So, the Fall 2020 CASE Act-ion is to contact ALL Senators who are not currently co-sponsors and urge them to support the CASE Act today. And we make it very easy to do so with the ONE CLICK campaigns below.

As you know, ASMP has its focus on many legislative fronts on Capitol Hill – from economic relief during the pandemic to copyright protections for visual creators. With the CASE Act legislation within reach of one final vote to being passed, ASMP and its advocacy partners are encouraging CASE Act advocates to send messages to non-sponsoring Senators for a surge of action to urge their support of the CASE Act by becoming a co-sponsor of S.1273, and encourage the full Senate to pass the CASE Act in this session of Congress. We have 21 Senate CASE Act co-sponsors to date but want to secure a majority of Senators as co-sponsors before a call in the Senate to vote on the CASE Act.

To make it easy for you and others, we provide you with template emails, and invite you to personalize the messages before clicking to submit. If you have already taken action, please consider taking action again as EVERY CLICK COUNTS.

More information about the CASE Act can be found at CASE Act Central.

As always, thank you in advance for your continued support of ASMP advocacy efforts in support of the CASE Act. Now, let’s put the pressure on the Senate to get the CASE Act passed in this session of Congress!

Fall 2020 Senate CASE Act Campaigns

CASE Act-ion #1: URGE ALL Non-Sponsoring Senators to co-sponsor and VOTE YES in support of the CASE Act!

This Senate campaign has one mission – to urge ALL Senators who are not currently co-sponsors to sign on as a co-sponsor to move the CASE Act closer to a vote by full Senate.

No matter if any of the non-sponsoring Senators are your Senators or not, you can contact ALL non-sponsoring Senators and tell those Senators to become a co-sponsor today with just ONE CLICK.

If you prefer to email ONLY your Senators and not ALL non-sponsoring Senators, go to CASE Act-ion #2 below.


CASE Act-ion #2: THANK or URGE Your Senators to VOTE YES in support of the CASE Act!

This campaign has two possible actions: 1)  to thank Senators who are co-sponsors and encourage them to solicit support of CASE Act from their non-sponsor Senate colleagues, and 2) to urge Senators who are not currently co-sponsors to sign on as a co-sponsor to move the CASE Act closer to a vote by full Senate.

Therefore, depending on where your two Senators stand on the CASE Act, they will either receive a “thank you for being a CASE Act co-sponsor” email, or a “become a CASE Act co-sponsor” email from you, with just ONE CLICK.


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