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ASMP Submits Comments on Revised Draft of USCO Compendium of US Copyright Practices

By May 31, 2019Advocacy, Copyright Reform

While passage of the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement Act of 2019 (CASE Act), HR 2426/S.1273, in this session of Congress remains the top legislative priority for ASMP, we continue to focus on other aspects of the copyright system and modernization of the U.S. Copyright Office (USCO) itself.

Regularly, we respond to requests from the USCO to offer public comment on their activities and policies. These afford us the chance to give voice to the aspirations of all of you who as members of ASMP, are not only topflight professional photographers but also operators of small businesses.

We recognize that many things codified in the USCO Compendium, the administrative manual describing regulations governing the USCO’s mandate and statutory duties under Title 17 of the U.S. Code, need careful attention as part of our ongoing advocacy efforts.

Today, we filed comments regarding some changes to the Compendium that we found antithetical to copyright holder interests with respect to the registration process. We made this filing in response to the invitation from the USCO to offer public comment on proposed Compendium changes.

We have heard clearly from all of you about other areas of concern with the registration process and operations of the USCO. We continue to partner with other groups representing creators, both in and outside the visual community as well as within the Copyright Alliance itself, in bringing these concerns to the attention on the USCO and advocating for changes we think would benefit the entire copyright system, as well as all who depend on copyright protection for intellectual property as central to their livelihood.

In today’s filing, I was able to work closely with Michael Klipper, our copyright counsel, and Sean Fitzgerald, an ASMP member in Dallas, and it is a collaborative partnership I’m grateful to have when shaping our advocacy efforts.

Thomas R. Kennedy
ASMP Executive Director


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