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ASMP Requests Information About Member Copyright Registration Experiences for Amicus Brief

By August 24, 2018Advocacy

Image: John Phelan

As part of ASMP’s commitment to protecting photographers’ rights, we often work with other organizations to prepare “amicus briefs” in cases around the country and in front of the Supreme Court. This document helps the justices realize the real-world implications of their rulings on our membership, and as such, is a vitally important document in our legal actions.

An amicus brief is being filed in the Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. case that will be included in the October 2018 term of the Supreme Court. This case asks the question whether “the registration of a copyright claim has been made” at the time of the application and payment, or at the time that the Copyright Office has acted on the application. The law firm preparing the brief is asking for examples and anecdotal information to use in the brief about issues occurring when a photographer submits a copyright registration and does not receive the registration certificate for that registration submission in a timely manner. Please find the opinion from the 11th Circuit (which is the ruling that is being appealed to the Supreme Court).

Please help us gather information to be included in the Amicus Brief by answering the following questions:

  1. Have you had any issues when registering copyrights?
  2. What was the longest period of time between your submitting a copyright registration and your receiving the registration certificate?
  3. If you submitted an expedited registration, how many days passed until you received the registration certificate?

Please submit responses to Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2018.




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