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Advocacy Update: ASMP and News Media Coalition Partners Submit Comments on Proposed Drone Legislation

By June 26, 2017June 28th, 2017Advocacy, Current News, Strictly Business Blog


Image © Jenna Close

ASMP and its  News Media Coalition partners submitted a letter today to the House and Senate Armed Services Committee on the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) legislative proposal on drone identification, tracking, and disposal. The Coalition’s comments concern the Administration’s request to amend Title 18 to authorize the federal government, or its designee, to detect, identify, track and potentially destroy unmanned aircraft systems, or “drones”.

Coalition concerns with the Administration’s legislative proposal are that it 1) avoids the Administrative
Procedures Act; 2) allows the government to designate Covered Operations without providing notice
to operators; 3) allows broad delegation of authority to federal and non-federal persons; 4) treats
similarly situated manned and unmanned aircraft differently in the event of Temporary Flight
Restrictions (TFRs); and 5) prohibits judicial review.

Read entire letter submitted by News Media Coalition to House and Senate Armed Services Committees.


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