ASMP Invites Members to Participate in Copyright Alliance Survey On Potential Impact of USCO Fee Increases

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Advocacy, Copyright Alliance, Strictly Business Blog


Editor’s Update: ASMP is aware that the Copyright Alliance survey is related to general copyright registrations, and as such, ASMP and its partner visual creator groups are in the process of producing a similar survey more directly geared to photographers and graphic artists which will be made available to members by the end of August.

As has been previously communicated, the U.S. Copyright Office is proposing an increase in fees for copyright registration applications and other Copyright Office services. In response, the Copyright Alliance (CA) has created a brief survey to better understand how this increase would impact the copyright community. The Copyright Alliance will compile the data from survey responses and use it in comments to be submitted to the Copyright Office in opposition to the increase in copyright registration application fees.

As a member organization of the Copyright Alliance, ASMP encourages your participation in the Copyright Alliance survey, so that ASMP and other member organizations of the Copyright Alliance can present a united from on behalf of creators to the United States Copyright Office in their opposition to the proposed increase in copyright registration application fees.

You can access the survey via the above-noted link or here. Deadline for completing the Copyright Alliance survey is Friday, August 17th.

Please share the survey link with your colleagues, your clients, and your non-industry network, as we need as many voices as can be activated to comment on proposed copyright registration fee hikes.