ASMP/Creator Groups Attend In-District Meeting with Senator Feinstein’s Deputy Director to Discuss CASE Act

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Advocacy, Small Claims Report

Creator group representatives who attended Feinstein in-district meeting included: #DanaHursey / #AmericanPhotographicArtists, #AprilSmith / #AuthorsGuild, Amy Tierney / #AmericanSocietyofMediaPhotographers, #CassandraPlavoukos / #AmericanPhotographicArtists, #JennaClose / #AmericanSocietyofMediaPhotographers, #GarrySchyman / #SCL, #HeleneMuddiman / #SCL, #MonicaSmith / #AuthorsGuild, #DavidRobin / #AmericanPhotographicArtists, #BrettWilliams / #CreativeFuture. Photo © #JulietteWolfRobin / Executive Director of #AmericanPhotographicArtists

Former ASMP National Board Chair, Jenna Close, and current ASMP National Board member, Amy Tierney, and members of other creator groups representing authors, songwriters, and photographers (listed above), attended an in-district meeting with Senator Dianne Feinstein’s State Deputy Director, Peter Muller, in Los Angeles on Wednesday to discuss the CASE Act.

Participants provided Deputy Director Muller with additional materials about the CASE Act, and presented personal stories of infringement to frame the importance of Congress enacting the CASE Act. The group also requested that Deputy Director Muller convey their appreciation to Senator Feinstein for her action to co-sponsor the Senate’s CASE Act bill (S.1273) earlier this year.

Additional in-district meetings have been scheduled by ASMP with Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA)  and Representative Ben Ray Lujan (D-NM) next week.

If you would be interested in requesting/attending an in-district meeting with your Representative or Senator before the members return to Capitol Hill in early September, please send an email to

Take two clicks and send an email or tweet to your Representative and Senators. For more information about the CASE Act, go to CASE Act Central.