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Welcome to ASMP’s CASE Act Central –  where you can find all you want to know and more about the CASE Act 2019!

While we know that being a visual creator is your priority, our priority at ASMP is to make certain that obstacles to your creativity and livelihood are mitigated or completely removed. As you know, ASMP has been on the front line of advocating for the rights of photographers for nearly 75 years, and we aren’t about to stop now, BUT we need your voice!

ASMP’s efforts in support of the CASE Act began more than four years ago at a hearing before House Judiciary Committee members in Los Angeles where Tom Kennedy stated that copyright laws had to be revised to accommodate the rights of small creators in this infringement-prone digital age. The efforts of Kennedy, Klipper, and our colleagues at the Copyright Alliance, Authors Guild, PPA, and NPPA among other visual groups and supporters of copyright reform, have reached a four-year pinnacle of achievement in Washington, DC with the introduction of the CASE Act bill in the House and the Senate on May 1, 2019, after an earlier introduction of the CASE Act in 2017.  See Advocacy Campaign News Updates.

To get the House and Senate to enact the CASE Act, we have a lot of work yet to do to ensure this bill becomes a law. And you know that in a democracy, the only thing that creates change is standing up and raising one’s voice. While we have Tom Kennedy and Mike Klipper attending weekly meetings on the Hill, publishing an op-ed in The Hill, and had former National Board Chair, Jenna Close, testify at a Congressional hearing on behalf of creators, members of Congress still want to hear the voices of their member constituents. And so we encourage you to take two minutes out of your busy week to email, tweet, post, call and/or share to register your voice in support of the CASE Act! Click Act Now button below.

Below, you will find information for staying informed about the CASE Act and a list of ways in which you – and your friends, families, colleagues, and clients – can take action in support of the CASE Act!   

Online Campaigns #MySkillsPayBills

June 18, 2019: Join the Blue Wave on Capitol Hill to Support CASE Act on June 26th

May 22, 2019: Share Your Stories of Infringement with Congress

May 20, 2019: Keep It Up! Your Efforts in Support of the CASE Act are Working!

May 16, 2019: CASE Act-ion #3: Attend In-District Meetings with Congressional Reps

May 15, 2019: CASE Act-ion #2: Email or Tweet Your Rep to Urge Support of HR2426

May 9, 2019: CASE Act-ion #1: Join Tweet Campaign in Support of HR2426 (the CASE Act)

News/Press Updates

Close Op-ed in IP Watchdog: Why Creators Like Me are Lining Up in Support of the CASE Act

Kennedy Op-ed in The Hill: The CASE Act is an opportunity for creators to have rights and remedies

See additional press/articles about CASE Act in Advocacy Campaign News Updates

Talking the Case Act

Why Support HR 2426 (the Case Act)?

Facts about the CASE Act

Constitutional One Pager

Support Case Act One Pager

List of Organizations Supporting the CASE Act

Finding Your Representative/Senator with Zip Code

House Judiciary Committee members

Advocacy is a Verb: My Testimony on the Hill

How to Meet Your Members of Congress Face-to-Face

Former ASMP National Board Chair Close Urges House Judiciary Committee to Enact CASE Act


Visual Creators Invited to Participate in Copyright Infringement Survey



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