Advocacy Message from ASMP National Board Chair Luke Copping

by | Mar 29, 2018 | Advocacy, Small Claims Report, Strictly Business Blog

The House Judiciary Committee is considering and voting on HR3945 (the CASE Act) in early April; therefore, ASMP needs you to contact – by phone, email, or letter – your representative urging them to support the bill that protects your rights as a creator, even if you have already done so, to stress the urgency and importance of this bill that has been twelve long years in the making.

As a working photographer, I support HR3945, the CASE Act, for the protections it provides us as visual creators, and invite you as an ASMP member along with all of your creative industry colleagues to support the HR3945 campaign by contacting your legislator to request their support of HR3945.

Any communication to your representative should ask them to (1) vote in favor of the bill if they are on the House Judiciary Committee (HJC), or (2) if they are not on the House Judiciary Committee, to contact House Judiciary Committee Chairman Goodlatte and/or Ranking Member Nadler to voice their support of the bill, and to even offer to co-sponsor the bill.

Knowing that your time is valuable, ASMP has made it very easy to reach out to your legislator, and has even provided a sample letter for you to personalize and email directly to your legislator. ASMP has also created sample social media content for you to share on your social media platforms.

As stated above, this legislation is crucial for protecting the rights of visual creators, and the time to act is now. I hope you’ll join me to ensure that our legislators also know how crucial this legislation is to protecting the rights of our diverse and expansive community of visual creators.

Luke Copping
ASMP National Board Chair