The DMCA and Your Business

Part of the ASMP Core Copyright Curriculum

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Course 4 of 5. The DMCA was one of the biggest changes to U.S. copyright law since the Copyright Act of 1976. In this fourth course of ASMP’s Core Copyright Curriculum, Thomas Maddrey discusses the two main sections relevant to photographers, the importance of “copyright management information”, the technicalities of sending a DMCA Takedown Notice, and how to incorporate DMCA provisions into your workflow. In addition, a template of a DMCA takedown notice is available in the ASMP Document Library as well!

About The Instructor

Thomas Maddrey

Thomas Maddrey is the General Counsel and Head of National Content & Education for ASMP.

A former commercial and fine-art photographer, Thomas became a lawyer to work with creatives, and is thrilled to bring the Academy to all ASMP Members.

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