Need to Up Your Knowledge About Contracts, Agreements, and Licensing?

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Academy

Contracts. Agreements. Licenses. Legal documents in general seem complex…but just remember…Everything is a Contract.

View the Path to the Profession curriculum – Contracts, Agreements, and Licensing – to learn more about the elements of a contract.

As an ASMP Member, you also have access to a wide range of attorney-crafted documents and templates in the Document Library to help you update or start building your business toolbox. These categories not only include guides & roadmaps for contracts, assignments & licensing, but include talent releases, and COVID-19 related documents.

Also, please remember that you can sign up for an ASMP Legal Clinic appointment with our legal team if you have any questions about contracts, licenses, or any other business or legal issues.

Each Tuesday from 11am – 1pm ET, ASMP General Counsel and Head of National Content Thomas Maddrey and other members of the ASMP Legal Team will be holding “Business / Legal Clinic Hours” where you can schedule an appointment for a video conference for 15 minutes to discuss what’s going on in your business and how some of ASMP’s resources can be helpful.


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