Dear Member,

Now that the NEW Find a Photographer has launched, it’s your turn as a Professional Member to login and refresh your portfolio. Images you had previously added to Find a Photographer in the legacy system have been migrated, but it will be necessary to update image sizes, specialty categories for galleries so that image portfolios can be properly searched and accurately populate search results on the new application platform.

Updates to member portfolios will need to be completed by March 31st to accommodate new platform configurations for Find a Photographer. After that date, any Find a Photographer account that contains legacy images that have not been upgraded to include image dimensions established for the new platform or reflect new specialty categories, will be categorized as unpublished until the necessary portfolio revisions are made. Additionally, if you have galleries that have specialties associated with them but do not contain images, these galleries will  also be categorized as unpublished and not appear in search results until images are uploaded to these empty galleries.

Here’s what we are asking you to do:

  1. Login to and go to: For Members → Edit Find a Photographer. Your profile will open and you’ll see a “Tutorial” button in the top right of the edit profile screen

  2. Scroll down to Galleries and Specialties section and select the appropriate specialty from the list for each gallery. This is important because it drives how galleries are found in client search requests. All Professional Members receive three galleries as part of their membership fee. Additional galleries can be purchased if needed.

  3. Review uploaded images to ensure that all images are displaying properly, and galleries are displaying in the preferred order. Then be sure to Save Galleries and Images.

  4. Videos can also be added in this release. View Tutorial for steps to add video.

  5. Also, be sure to update your profile information, such as, headshot image, biography, and social media links.

As we move forward with new functionality and features in Find a Photographer, we want you to benefit professionally from Find a Photographer as a marketing tool for your creative works, so we encourage you to update your portfolios at your earliest convenience.  

Find a Photographer is only available to current professional or life members. With the new system configuration of Find a Photographer, if your professional membership is not current, your Find a Photographer portfolio will be unpublished until your membership is made current. If you have questions about your membership status, or need assistance with updating your Find a Photographer portfolio, Member Services is available to assist you at or 877-771-2767.


Thomas R. Kennedy, Executive Director