ASMP Relaunches Strictly Business Conferences for 2020!

by | Dec 18, 2019 | 75th Anniversary, Professional Development, Strictly Business Blog

Image: Kaveh Sardari

ASMP is excited to launch the Strictly Business 2020 conferences around the country.  Years ago these popular conferences jump started the careers or many of our members.

Today ASMP believes that creative content is so important to today’s visual culture that we must support those who are making it by providing the community and business development that can help them build sustainable careers.  The Strictly Business 2020 Conferences will help build those communities as well as give creators new ideas for growing sustainable businesses in the years to come.

Beginning in January with events in Portland, Oregon and Chicago, Illinois, nine chapters and regions around the country will be hosting Strictly Business 2020 Conferences.  Each conference will offer unique programming and events, from marketing and pricing to using mindfulness to improve your business.

Our 75th Anniversary theme is “2020 Vision” and we are encouraging all photographers to look to the future of our industry with enthusiasm, curiosity, and an entrepreneurial spirit.

The primary focus of these events will be to explore the future of our business and to give all attendees something that can change their business immediately and set them up for a sustainable business practice.

All of the Strictly Business conferences are intended to educate everyone regardless of experience or business structure. Established and emerging independent creators across generations can and should learn from each other.

We believe that as an industry we can be strong when we work together as a community that fosters mutual respect and the ability to learn from each other and celebrate our business as a significant part of our culture.

Click here to find a Strictly Business Conference near you.

Marianne Lee
ASMP National Board Chair