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Big Ideas

Photo Plus Expo brings thousands of photographers together to share ideas, both big and small.  For those who can’t make it – or who want a little something extra – we’ve invited our contributors this week to share the big ideas they think photographers should be thinking about.  ~Judy Herrmann, Editor

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ASMP Hits the Big Apple!

This week, ASMP will be joining thousands of photographers at Photo Plus Expo, the premier trade event for still and motion photographers.  We hope you’ll join us there and take advantage of these great opportunities to connect with ASMP.

Not a member?  Click here to join and enjoy these great member only offers:

ASMP’s Annual Member Meeting
Wednesday, 10/29 from 3:30 – 5:00 pm
Jacob Javits Center, Room 1E13

ASMP members will get updates from ASMP National Board Chair Gail Mooney and Executive Director Eugene Mopsik, meet incoming Executive Director Tom Kennedy and hear from Fearless Genius creator Doug Menuez about book publishing and platform building.

PPE Test Drive
Wednesday, 10/29 from 5:00 – 8:00 pm
Jacob Javits Center

ASMP members get free access to the Photo Plus Test Drive press event, which features Scott Kelby moderating a discussion on How Technology is Leading the Storytelling Revolution with panelists Adobe’s Terry White, Mylio’s David Vaskevitch, Time Magazine’s Paul Moakley and Photographer Jeremy Cowart plus new product previews and networking opportunities.

Consultations & Portfolio Reviews
Thursday, 10/30 – Saturday 11/1
ASMP booth (#873) on Expo Floor

ASMP members can sign up for a free 20 minute consultation or portfolio review from industry experts, Karen D’Silva*, Elaine Totten Davis, Judy Herrmann, Jennifer Kilberg*, Lynn Kyle*, Andrea Maurio*, Gail Mooney, Angee Murray* or Jennifer Perlmutter*.  Limit one per member - click here for details and to sign up.
*Courtesy of Agency Access

Visit ASMP, PLUS & the U.S. Copyright Office
Jacob Javits Center, Expo Floor

ASMP staff and volunteers will be on hand at Booth #873.  Representatives from the U.S. Copyright office and the Picture Licensing Universal System (PLUS) will be available to answer your questions right behind us in Booths #974 and #972 respectively.

Don’t Miss these Important ASMP Sponsored Seminars:

  • Growing Your Business When Everyone Has a Camera
    Friday, October 30 • 2:00 – 4:00 pm
    To grow a successful photography business today, you need to be as creative in how you think about your business, your skills and your value as you are on set. In this insightful and energizing program, Judy Herrmann shares tips, tools, strategies and case studies to help you build an innovative business that can compete more effectively in established markets and attract new markets for your creative work.
  • Road to Seeing: Nurturing Your Creative Sensibility
    Saturday, November 1 • 10:15 am – 12:15 pm
    Developing your unique vision is key to differentiating your business and adding value to your services. Few understand what this means better than acclaimed photographer, Dan Winters. In this inspiring and informative seminar, Dan shares his insights into how to identify, refine and present your vision, get buy-in from clients and subjects, and get hired to produce your strongest work.

Save $150 On Your Full Conference Pass

ASMP members save $150 on a full conference pass, which gets you access to over 80 seminars, keynote presentations and the Expo floor.  Upgrade to a VIP Pass, which includes a Tamrac Messenger Swag Bag, tickets to PDN’s Monster Mash party and a chance to win one of 100+ Golden Ticket prizes for just $75 more. Note: these offers are valid for online registrations only and will not be available onsite. Click here to save $150.

Save 15% On The Official Portfolio Reviews at Photo Plus Expo

ASMP members get the best discount available on America’s premier review event for emerging and professional photographers. Organized by the Palm Springs Photo Festival in conjunction with Photo District News and The Photo Group, this event offers a fabulous opportunity to meet and present your work for critique, feedback and advice. At no other time can a photographer see such a cross-section of potential clients/representatives from both the commercial and fine art arenas in a three-day period. Click here to save 15%.

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Get Connected

Giving Good Blog

[by Kat Dalager]

Okay, I’m going to name names: Chris Buck gives great blog.

His posts are witty and fun and they make me want to read the whole thing. His stories are interesting and his photos help tell the story. Sure, not everyone will be able to blog about a shoot with comedian Steve Martin, but the basics should be the same even if it’s a shoot with Mr. Corporate Executive.

  1. Don’t try to sell. Blogs should be about human interest stories. People are voyeurs by nature so they enjoy a glimpse into someone else’s world.
  2. Keep it brief. You’ve got me for about 30-60 seconds – and I’m a fast reader/viewer.
  3. Shoot behind the scenes whenever possible, either video or stills. Make sure you have the client’s permission to post the imagery beforehand.
  4. Photos and video, yes, but what’s the story? If you don’t write or tell the story well, enlist/hire/beg someone else to write or shoot it for you.
  5. Have a point of view, but a rule of thumb is to be cautious in approaching any topic that might start an argument at the dinner table with your in-laws – unless you are prepared for the backlash. You risk alienating potential clients if you take a strong point of view on a controversial topic.
  6. Your blog should reflect your personality. They’re just one more facet to showing potential clients how you see the world (see #4 above).

Kat Dalager has been an Art Producer and voyeur for companies such as Life Time Fitness, Campbell Mithun, Target, Carmichael Lynch and The Martin Agency.

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No More Noise

[by Paul Oemig]

About a year ago, the rather adamant designer Mike Monteiro blogged about an experience after talking to a Quaker near his home in Philadelphia. Not being religious himself, he inquired about how their religious services were conducted. The Quaker told him that during their religious gatherings they simply meet and sit together in silence. No one speaks until they feel moved to. Or as was put in Mike’s post, “They only open their mouths if it improves on the silence.”

Today the web is anything but silent. People are always speaking somewhere, with millions and millions of blogs and the like being updated every moment. It has increasingly become a cacophony of noise, and the experience of trying to make yourself heard to those around you is similar to trying to have a conversation during a concert.

Blogging more and more today feels the same way. So before embarking on a blog ask yourself if those posts will “improve on the silence.” If they do, in time you might find yourself playing music on stage.

 Paul Oemig is a Milwaukee-based photographer who goes to plenty of concerts and sometimes gets on stage. He welcomes your perspective at and @pauloemig.


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