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Museum Portfolio Reviews

Posted: April 14th, 2010

[by Thomas Werner] You can drop off your portfolio for review at a museum. Just call to find out what their policy is, and be aware that they may keep your portfolio for up to 6 months or more. You should also know that in most instances a junior staff member will be reviewing your [...]

As a Fine Artist You are Only Selling the Print

Posted: March 10th, 2010

[by Thomas Werner] Whether selling editioned or uneditioned prints at a gallery, store, or as an individual it is important to remember that when you set the price for your work you are only setting the price for an individual print. Mounting, matting, framing, laminating, shipping, or other expenses should be charged accordingly. This may [...]

Work Begets Work

Posted: November 6th, 2009

[by Susan Carr] I had the privilege a few years back of hearing photographer Ken Josephson speak at theĀ  Society for Photographic Education Midwest Regional conference. While discussing his own struggle with blocks in creativity or direction, he clearly stated his own mantra, “work begets work.” These three simple words have hung with me and [...]

Signing Your Prints on the Reverse, Part 2 of 3

Posted: June 1st, 2009

As noted in my last post, photographs exhibited in higher end contemporary galleries are signed on the back, or reverse of the print. In addition to contemporary practices, there are two other reasons that you should consider when deciding whether to sign the back of your print as opposed to the front, these are; market [...]

Signing Your Prints

Posted: May 20th, 2009

Photographers exhibiting in contemporary galleries sign their prints on the back of the print, also called the reverse, or verso, and not on the front of the print. (more on that in another post) Sign in the upper left hand or lower right hand corner of the print, inside the print area (remember on the [...]