A New Reality with New Opportunities

[by Jenna Close]

Video is commonplace now, everyone and their grandmother has a drone, and cinemagraphs have gone post-hip…so… what’s next?

One of the most promising future trends I don’t hear talked about much in photography circles is Virtual Reality (VR). Many of us associate this technology with 360 degree panoramas and real estate listings, but VR’s depth and potential go far beyond that. The platform is a natural fit for visual storytelling, and some media outlets such at the New York Times are already experimenting with it.

There is also a need for creating realistic backgrounds for video games, often using photographs and video. Some even wonder if VR will eventually be the go-to outlet for all things photographic.

The point of forward-thinking is to get ahead of the curve in order to establish yourself before the masses arrive, and of places worthy of investigation, Virtual Reality is high on my list. Below are some interesting and more in-depth reads on the subject, as food for thought or avenues for action.

Jenna & Jon specialized in remote controlled aerial photography years before drones were readily available. As with many trends, that specialty has now become commonplace and so continues the hunt for the next standout opportunity. They can be found at p2photography.net.

By Jenna Close | Posted: January 4th, 2016 | No comments


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