Don’t Tell and Do it NOW!

[by Todd Joyce]

We all make new promises to ourselves each year and most are broken by the end of January.   Promises tend to focus on being better at something (e.g physical shape, better communicator, better at marketing or to be more open to new ideas or styles).

Some of the terms we use in our resolutions doom us to failure from the time we utter them.   Like, “I plan on being more spontaneous!”  Oops.  You just blew it.  And “more” can’t be quantified or counted.   Set goals with a time and a number.  Otherwise it’s a wish, not a goal.

I agreed to write a post on my plans for the coming year, but I hesitate to share my goals or resolutions.  Studies have shown that you are less likely to do something, the more you tell someone that you are going to do it.   So, don’t tell anyone, just do it.

If you’ve heard Duane Michals speak, he hammers the idea of doing what you want to do NOW!  Don’t wait or delay!   DO IT NOW!  So, with Duane’s idea of not putting it off and using the studies of the likelihood of following through – don’t tell anyone what you want to do and do it right away.   Don’t wait.  Do it now!

BTW, here is a list of resolutions.  And, to keep from jinxing my likelihood of accomplishing them, I’ve mixed in a few that are not true.

  • Establish three new looks in continuous lighting.
  • Become proficient in editing in Final Cut to understand and use all options.
  • Be able to use a 4-6K camera proficiently
  • Buy the new Nikon D5
  • Drink more bourbon.
  • Drink less bourbon
  • Make a marketing plan for the year that includes monthly actions
  • Rent more equipment, rather than buy
  • Run a marathon
  • Photograph Bigfoot
  • Build a new Reel by February
  • Shoot a personal project on bigotry by June

That should keep me busy for a while.

Happy Holidays and New Year!   And, remember to make your goals realistic and specific.  Anything with a date and a number to accomplish is more likely to get done.   And, feel free to adjust your goals as you go.

Todd Joyce was kidding about most of the resolutions, except the one about photographing Bigfoot.   That one was true. 

By Todd Joyce | Posted: December 23rd, 2015 | No comments


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