Many Roads Lead to a Good End

[by Jenna Close]

I’ve had personal projects on my mind lately. Besides fueling creativity and preventing burn out, this type of work is an effective promotional tool and I see that trend growing. Lately, I’ve been investigating new ways (new to me, at least) of building momentum. A few of the ideas I’m most excited about right now are rather large scale and must be broken down into manageable bits in order to be attainable.

At the advice of a friend, I have been considering residencies, fellowships and grants as a way to move these ideas forward. Honestly, this is new territory for me and I’m a bit surprised at myself for not approaching prior projects with these options in mind. The truth is, I never considered it.

It’s easy to get comfortable with a way of working, a style, a path or a thought process. In the past I’ve kept my personal work very close to home, choosing to research, produce and fund everything myself. This year I’m going to remain aware of when I default to the safety of familiarity and diligently look for opportunities I’m leaving on the table.

If you are interesting in researching alternative opportunities for projects, here are a couple of sites I’ve been checking out:

Cafe For Artists: Residencies, Fellowships, Grants and Exhibitions

PhotoPhilanthropy: Large and small grants for various humanitarian and documentary projects

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By Jenna Close | Posted: January 21st, 2014 | 1 comment


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  1. Jenna,

    Kuddos on large scale ideas! Dream Big! Go for the impossible! Follow the passion in your heart! I’m with you – the bigger, crazier, more impossible the dream, the bigger, crazier and more unexpected the results.

    By Pascal Depuhl | Jan 21, 2014



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