Repurposing Your Content – That is If You Still Have the Rights to It

[by Gail Mooney]

Content is king in a world that consumes imagery on a daily basis.  Imagery has become a valuable commodity and if you haven’t signed away your rights to your photographs in a bad contract then continue to read this post.  If you have already put your “John Hancock” on a lousy work for hire contract, then still continue to read this, so that the next time you are presented with a bad deal, you’ll realize that you could be leaving money on the table.

Here are just a few ways to monetize and repurpose content:

  • Reprints – If you shoot for business publications, many times companies will want to re-print the article, along with your photos.  This can generate extra income, but only if you haven’t given away your rights in a bad deal.
  • Retail – If you shoot weddings, there are dozens of ways to repurpose your content and make money.  In fact this is how many “retail” photographers make their money – not on the shooting fee – but on the print sales. Even if you don’t shoot retail, you can monetize the images you create on an assignment by selling prints. It’s never been easier in terms of fulfillment by utilizing services like Photoshelter.
  • Blogs – I don’t make any direct revenue with the images I use in my blog, but they do bring value to my posts, and act as a marketing tool to generate new work.
  • E-Pubs – Check out services like Issuu. Issuu is an online service that allows for customizable viewing of digitally uploaded material, such as portfolios, books, magazine issues, newspapers, and other print media.  Believe it or not, it’s free and you can position your e-Pub along side name brand magazines. You can also create and sell your e-Pubs using services like Createspace.
  • Crowdfunding Perks– If you’ve gone through the time and expense to create great “perks” for your crowd funding campaign, by all means, repurpose these “perks”.  You can generate extra income with the prints, e-Pubs, t-shirts, postcards, printed books or whatever “perks” you created to reward your backers.
  • Video B-Roll– In this age of electronic delivery, video is in high demand.  More than likely if you produce video content, you will have hours of b-roll footage that can be repurposed and monetized by licensing it.

These are just a few ways to repurpose and monetize content.  But remember, whether your goal is to generate direct sales or use your material to grow your business, the key is to define and target your audience.  That’s a topic for another blog.

Gail Mooney is a photographer and filmmaker working in the NYC metro area. Here is an example of how she uses Createspace.





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