That Bridge You Burned? It’s Still Burning

[by Blake Discher]

We all deal with adversity throughout our careers, say, for example, when you lose a big job you were confident you would get.  There’s lots of good advice on what to do when faced with these challenges.  Equally important is what NOT to do…

Because I read many professional photography forums each day, I’ve learned quite a lot about the personalities of various posters.  Even though I’ve never met many of my peers in the groups, after a time it’s not hard to discern who remains positive with good advice and who is negative and talks trash about their competitors, or worse, their clients.

Someone once told me never to post anything anywhere online that you wouldn’t say to someone’s face in front of your grandmother.  Good advice.  The search engines crawl everything on the internet.  And, when you consider that (better known as ‘The Wayback Machine’) has archived more than 240 billion web pages since 1996, it becomes apparent that any bridges you’ve burned online, remain burned.  Burned for everyone to see.

A potential new client might do a Google search to find out a bit more about you and see the vitriolic criticism of a client you penned back in 2010.  If you sounded like a raving lunatic, it will reflect very poorly on you.  If you sounded as though you’re difficult to work with, it may cost you the job.

Be careful what you write online.  About anyone.  Grandma is standing next to you!

Blake J. Discher is a photographer, SEO consultant, and author.  His book,“Stop Your Grumbling, Get Out There!” is a quick read on how to network to increase sales and is available from Amazon.  Want info for free?  He also writes about sales and web marketing on his blog,

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