Setback OR StepBack?

[by Selina Maitreya]

In my life, most major events or occurrences that I initially perceived as SETBACKS were actually doors opening. If instead of feeling as if I was experiencing a set back and I simply  “stepped back” and waited peacefully to see what would transpire next, I could have saved myself (and many others who were on my path) a lot of heartache. AND I would have moved forward more quickly.

There was the time that I was selling my 68’ firebird to go to my second year of photo school and my best friend  “borrowed” my car without my permission and totaled it on a tree. There went my tuition for school. I was devastated. We didn’t talk for months, and yet not being able to return to school led to an entirely new series of events that started my career as a consultant. And we all know how much I love my work!

My story is not unique. They say hindsight is 20 /20. When we look back over the events in our lives many of us discover that what seemed to be setbacks were actually opportunities for us to change course. We just didn’t know it.

So the next time you  have a plan in place, one that means a great deal to you  and suddenly you are stopped or interrupted I’m going to suggest you shelve the word “setback”, take a deep breath and step back. Before giving energy way to anger or frustration, step back and wait. See if you are being guided to change your course.

Don’t insist that the Universe follow your plan of how you want life to unfold. That perspective? That’s  the true setback.

Remember its our perceptions of  events, and our response to circumstances that have a great deal to do with whether we experience a true  “Setback “ or simply are being asked to step back and allow a shift to take place!

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