Cherish the Process

[by Charles Gupton]

Humans, especially Westerners, seem to be addicted to results. Whether in sports, politics, business, or academics, people are obsessed with outcomes based on numbers. When the victories we desire fall short of our expectations, we frequently suffer emotional set backs that can cause creative paralysis.

But the trouble with results is that they are, more often than not, outside of our control.  And to feel content, let alone happy, people need to feel some sense of control in their lives

So, what can you control? Process.

The key is to focus your attention and energy on the process that leads you to the results you want. For two reasons.

First, many people have a result in mind without having established a means of achieving it. For example, adding twelve new pieces to your portfolio is more easily done one piece per month rather than twelve pieces next December.

Second, process is action oriented. It is something you control. When you have a set of steps to follow – even if they don’t excite you – you have something you can do that will keep you from getting caught in the inertia and the resulting panic which often accompanies it.

By learning to cherish the process rather than the results we desire, we don’t suffer an emotional spiral nearly as badly as when the results don’t meet our wishes. Because process is measurable, you not only have a way to chart your victories, you have a method for repeating them.

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By Charles Gupton | Posted: March 12th, 2013 | No comments


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