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Shots vs Shoots

Posted: January 31st, 2013

[by Kevin Lock] As a photographer I do not schedule or set out to do portfolio shoots.  While I believe each and every shoot can and should be shot with your portfolio in mind,  I prefer to create those portfolio shots within the work I am hired to do.  I often ask, “how will this [...]

Using What You’ve Got

Posted: January 30th, 2013

[by Jenna Close] I have always been fascinated by the work of people like Eric Almas, John Fulton and Koen Demuynck.  The idea of compositing many images together to make a photograph interests me.  However, sometimes my goals for producing personal shots using that technique fall by the wayside as other duties pile up.  Ironically, [...]

The Big Reveal

Posted: January 29th, 2013

[by Barry Schwartz] Portfolios are about getting people to hire you. Above and beyond showing work that indicates to a potential client you’ve got the goods, shooting specifically for a portfolio means getting shots to fill in a category or blow the viewer’s mind, preferably both. On the theory that to achieve the next level [...]

Portfolio Shooting

Posted: January 28th, 2013

[by Selina Maitreya] Clients today want  to look at  a website, portal or a print book and very quickly see what you shoot and “get” your visual approach to your topic. For that reason, you don’t sell photographs. You sell vision. Vision is the value clients seek and it’s expressed throughout a “body of work” [...]

My 5 Top Tips for Negotiating Rights with other Artists

Posted: January 25th, 2013

[by Judy Herrmann] As the projects clients hire a professional to handle become increasingly complex, many of us are acting as licensees almost as often as licensors.  Negotiating rights with other artists – whether they’re acting as a second shooter, capturing behind the scenes footage for your own (or your client’s) self-promotion, or providing writing, [...]

Sometimes You Just Have To Ask

Posted: January 24th, 2013

[by Blake Discher] It’s been 27 years since Robert Fulghum published, “All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten.”  In it he wrote, “Don’t take things that aren’t yours.” An origami artist is suing an abstract painter claiming that the painter improperly used his designs without his consent.  The painter maintains that because [...]

Negotiating in Good Faith

Posted: January 23rd, 2013

[by Gail Mooney] If you have ventured into video production, no doubt you will need to negotiate rights with other artists.  You may need to license still and/or motion imagery as well as music for a project you are working on. Regardless, if you are negotiating with an artist directly or with their rep, or [...]

Coffee at the Creative Café

Posted: January 22nd, 2013

[by Bruce Katz] When I was asked to write some tips about negotiating rights with other artists I had to scratch my head a little bit. Negotiate with other artists? But then after I thought about it for a while, I realized that I have had many wonderful opportunities to work with, and in doing [...]

Join the Conversation!

Posted: January 21st, 2013

During the last 10 days of January, ASMP is starting some great conversations you’ll want to be a part of. Join us: In Los Angeles at Photo LA January 21 (that’s today!) 3:30 – 5:00 pm pacific Sustainable Business Models: Continuing the Conversation Building on ASMP’s acclaimed Symposium, Sustainable Business Models: Issues & Trends Facing [...]

Economy of Time and Motion

Posted: January 18th, 2013

[by Luke Copping] Money isn’t the only asset that you need to manage judiciously. Cash flow, income, sanity, energy, and time are just some of the resources that we have to properly manage. When one of these is neglected and not properly maintained your business can shift away from the ideal and harmonious balance you [...]

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Posted: January 17th, 2013

[by Jenna Close] When I first started my business, I made a costly bookkeeping mistake. I just didn’t realize it until 3 years later. I decided to save money by doing all my accounting and tax forms myself.  When it came time to pay taxes, I researched the appropriate forms for a General Partnership, (my [...]

You Are NOT An Accountant – But You Play One In Your Business!

Posted: January 16th, 2013

[by Kimberly Blom-Roemer] One of the biggest dreads in my business is accounting. I hate it. I can’t even describe how much I hate it. First on my list of items to outsource IS my accounting. But until then. I have to do it myself. Most Important Accounting Task. Have a separate business bank account. [...]

A New Year, A New Ledger

Posted: January 15th, 2013

[by Richard Kelly] Happy New Year! I am one of those people who loves to open a new yearly calendar (I am using a moleskine weekly calendar this year) and start mapping out my photo adventures, my class and lecture schedules and my to do lists. The first few weeks of a new year I [...]

My 5 Top Accounting Tips

Posted: January 14th, 2013

[by Judy Herrmann] Shopping around for the right accountant shouldn’t cost you money. Finding new clients is a cost of doing business.  That holds as true for accountants as it does for you.   Interview at least 3 accountants and confirm that the initial interview is free before you show up for the appointment. The best [...]

Two Letters — DP

Posted: January 10th, 2013

[by Richard Harrington] The letters DP may mean digital photography to you.  Or perhaps director of photography if you have a cinematic background.  Here’s another meaning, digital publishing. I have been diving deep into the world of being a digital content creator.  The tools are now in your hands (or could be almost instantly).  I [...]

Open to Creativity…NOW!

Posted: January 10th, 2013

[by Selina Maitreya] As a consultant to creative people, my job is to be aware of the concerns my tribe has and to deliver timely and accurate information that will enable creative souls to build a business that will thrive. For over 30 years I’ve focused on guiding my clients as they defined and refined [...]

Social Media: Trend or Necessity In Your Business Marketing?

Posted: January 9th, 2013

[by Heather Lefort] When it comes to trends in marketing it is hard to tell what is trending and what will become a part of a solid foundation in your marketing. 2013 will bring many changes to the ways commercial artists get their messages across to the correct people. I am highly recommending to clients [...]

The Power is in the Question. Isn’t it?

Posted: January 8th, 2013

[by Charles Gupton] The quest started for me at ASMP’s SB2 conference in Atlanta several years ago. It was the quest for better questions. Our brains are incredibly powerful and magnificent organs. The calculations and associations our minds make every moment of the day are amazing. At the same time, our mind can be rather [...]

Rethinking Knowledge in a Connected Society

Posted: January 7th, 2013

[by Jay Kinghorn] “The smartest person in the room is the room itself: the network that joins the people and ideas in the room and connects to those outside of it…knowledge is becoming inextricable from-literally unthinkable without-the network that enables it.” ~ David Weinberger, Too Big to Know Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of [...]

In The Weeds

Posted: January 4th, 2013

[by Barry Schwartz] I used to take my dog to the best dog park ever.  Well-watered grass, shade trees, about half an acre, a short drive from the house, lots of parking, owned by a local gas company who graciously allowed anyone to use it. A sweet deal.  I went every couple of weeks. The [...]

Big ≠ New

Posted: January 3rd, 2013

[by Luke Copping] The notion of the “Big Idea” carries with it some misconceptions. One of these misconceptions is that we must always be looking forward to find the next big idea – that big ideas must always be equally as new as they are valuable. In truth, there are countless ideas and inspirations laid [...]

Expanding Your Horizons

Posted: January 2nd, 2013

This month brings several opportunities to explore new services, new business models and new ways of looking at your business.  ASMP invites you to join us at: TAP! 2013 – January 8 – 11, 2013 – ASMP Members save $250.00! Today, you have a unique opportunity to use new publication and distribution tools to grow [...]