Introducing ASMP’s New Releases App

Managing model and property releases just got a whole lot easier with ASMP’s new free Releases App.  The initial version will work on iPhones and iPads but versions for Android and other platforms are in the works.  Available for download through the App store, ASMP Releases is the “must-have” app for photographers working in all genres of the business.

ASMP Releases App Screen

Featuring ASMP’s standard Model & Property Releases for assignments, ASMP’s new Promo Only releases for photographers self-promotional use and Getty Images releases, the gold standard for stock licensing, the app offers photographers easy access to standard release language for still and motion projects.

ASMP Releases App ScreenASMP Releases App Screen

Once you’ve entered your contact information, the app automatically populates it throughout your releases.  Each release also includes customizable fields for entering details about the model or property, client and witness as needed.

ASMP Releases App Screen

One of the most exciting features is the ability to photograph the model or property with your iPhone or iPad’s built in camera.  That photo becomes permanently embedded within the release so you’ll always be able to identify exactly who or what the release references.

ASMP Releases App Screen

Models and Witnesses can sign the release using a finger or stylus directly on the touch screen of your device.

ASMP Releases App Screen

Finally, the app allows you to email both the photo and a pdf of the signed release to yourself, the model, their agent and/or your client.  Pretty cool, huh?

The nifty ASMP Releases App is provided for FREE by the ASMP – your trusted industry resource for photography business answers.  Enjoy!


To report bugs or request new features for the ASMP Releases or Find a Photographer apps, please use the form posted at Thank you!

By Editor | Posted: July 9th, 2012 | 15 comments


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  1. This is great, am downloading now to try it out. Definitely have been using ASMP releases previously so it’s nice to have an iPhone/iPad version now as well. Thanks!

    By Gene X Hwang | Jul 9, 2012


  2. Good idea.

    Why does the keyboard up cover the fields that I’m trying to enter?

    Looks like some small icons beside the signatures are missing.

    Can we edit the files on a computer and upload them some way? (much easier than editing on the iPad/iPhone)

    By Delane Rouse | Jul 9, 2012


  3. [...] And speaking of free things from ASMP, a couple days ago ASMP released a new smartphone app simply, but aptly, titled Releases.  It allows you to prepare and sign model and property releases right on your phone and e-mail a PDF copy to each of the parties involved. There are a number of similar commercial apps on the market, but this one is totally free.  You can read more about it on the ASMP Strictly Business Blog. [...]


  4. Doesn’t work properly, at least not on my iPad. Can’t save templates, and witness signature is not carried into PDF file…we get “%%WITNESS SIGNATURE%%” instead. Great idea, but not quite ready for prime time.

    By Chris Hutcheson | Jul 14, 2012


  5. Hi Chris & Delane -
    Thanks for the feedback. The developer is in the process of resolving all of the bugs we’re aware of. If you uncover any other issues or think of any features you’d like to see added, please use the feedback form at Thanks!

    By editor | Jul 14, 2012


  6. Great, but not perfect. In the Getty release form, it doesn’t allow you to proceed w/o filling in all fields, claiming they are required. Some, however, are not, e.g. the models email and/or phone as well as the ‘witness’ field. These are recommended, but not mandatory. Also the ‘State’ field doesn’t apply outside the US & Canada.

    Also, it doesn’t appear to save the release after emailing it. I most definitely want a backup copy!

    Otherwise a great tool, pleased to see my ASMP dues put to good use!

    By Chris | Jul 15, 2012


  7. One more thing – do you plan to integrate the international versions of the Getty releases? Would be great to have.

    By Chris Sattlberger | Jul 15, 2012


  8. Hi Chris -

    Thanks for the feedback – we will pass both your bug report and feature request to the Releases App team. We hope to have an update soon. If you have any additional feedback, please use the form at Thanks!

    By Editor | Jul 15, 2012


  9. [...] ASMP explains on its Web site, the releases use standard release language, relevant to most still and motion projects that [...]


  10. [...] of them are paid apps. Now, American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP) has just released their Model & Property Release app for the iPhone and iPad. Android version is expected to be released soon. The app has the standard [...]


  11. thanks for the info… just curious how soon is “soon” for the Android version of the app?


    By Christian | Aug 1, 2012


  12. Where are the saved releases. Had model fill out, photograph, sign release. Hit save. Now I can’t find it. Where are releases saved? Using iPhone 4S with iOS6.


    By Chris | Oct 24, 2012


  13. [...] for photographers and there are several options on the market already like Easy Release, but now ASMP has got their version out and available for [...]


  14. I’m also not seeing where the releases are saved? Maybe I’m running an older version of the app and need to update. I’ll go ahead and check, but if anyone else is seeing the same issue and has resolved it please let me know. It’s probably something simple I’m overlooking.

    By Joe | Aug 12, 2013


  15. I read about this with great interest, but I can’t find an Android version in the app store. Has one been created yet?

    By Kris Gallagher | Sep 16, 2013



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