Showing Up is Not Enough

[by Colleen Wainwright]

Think of the best classes you’ve ever taken–the ones that engaged you, challenged you, and stuck with you for years afterward.

Chances are they weren’t just winners just because they were expensive or the teacher was great, but because of what you brought to them: a genuine interest in learning, your full attention, and usually, at least some outside effort on your part.

Consulting relationships work in much the same way. Choosing the right consultant at the right time is important, but equally important is what you bring to the time you spend together. Do you have an open, inquisitive mind that’s well-rested and available to focus? Have you done whatever outside “homework” the consultant has asked that you do?

Consulting work is time- and cost-intensive, but can yield great, long-lasting results if you treat it as a one-on-one, intensive class with credit for outside effort, rather than a shower of information to wash over you.

Colleen Wainwright loves consulting one-on-one with photographers who love to do their homework.

By Colleen Wainwright | Posted: June 5th, 2012 | 1 comment


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