Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me

[by Kevin Lock]

Clients… we need them.  I like to think that most of the time, they need us as well.  From time to time I ask ‘why me’?  Why do my clients pick me?  My first thought is of the most obvious reason.  The images.  Most of my conversations with perspective clients are a direct response to them seeing my imagery.  Most have looked at my website.  If they didn’t like the imagery, they would not have called/emailed.  But they did.

Yes, they called.  They emailed.  Then we talk.  At this critical moment, it is up to me to sell me. If I don’t knock this one out of the park…. well… no client.

So how do I sell ‘me’?  By quite simply being myself.  I’m not pushy.  I don’t rush the conversation.  I start by listening.  I ask questions.  I try to obtain some information that takes the conversation in a personal direction.  I make the conversation not just about business.  When I can, I inject a little humor.  Lighten the mood.  Put the potential client at ease.

Like it or not these conversations can be intimidating, uncomfortable even awkward.  It is my job to make sure that does not happen.  It is my goal to connect with the client and for them to see me for me. To pick me for me.  After all, we need each other.

Kevin Lock is currently a national director of the ASMP.  While Kevin was never picked first for dodgeball in grade school, he now  occasionally gets picked to be the team photographer.



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