Use a Light Meter

[by Thomas Werner]

This may seem intuitive to many reading this, but I meet far too many young photographers who believe that as long as they have a printable image on the screen of their camera they have done enough in terms of creating.

You need to use a meter to make informed choices regarding the reproducible lighting ratios in your image.  The light in your image is not only a technical consideration, but also a function of concept, narrative and mood. You can make up for some of that in post, but the majority of photographers are not skilled enough in post production to do so and do it well.

You also need to remember that clients will want you to reproduce qualities of light and lighting set-ups when you are hired. You have to be able to reproduce your imagery if you want to be hired again.

Use a light meter, make informed choices and get it right the first time. It will make your life easier and help you move toward a more successful career.

Thomas Werner; Educator, Lecturer, Curator.  Please see Thomas Werner Projects on Facebook and  for more information.

By Thomas Werner | Posted: February 24th, 2012 | 3 comments


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  1. Agreed!!!!

    By Joe | Feb 24, 2012


  2. This is a direct result of once highly renowned, esteemed, and quality educational institutions (like ooksBray) prostituting themselves into diploma mills. It seems digital has cheapened more than just the quality of photographers.

    By Mathieu | Feb 24, 2012


  3. I’m sorry, but i disagree. I don’t believe that you really need to use a light meter, other than the one in your camera. You need to understand the tools you’re using, sure, but saying that you absolutely have to use a light meter to recreate lighting is patently not true. You can use one if you like, but you do not NEED to use one.

    By owenb | Feb 24, 2012



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