Preventing Misunderstandings

[by Todd Joyce]

Make it a regular practice to rephrase your client’s needs in your own words and repeat it back to them.   It’s amazing how often you’ll get a clarification from them on things that may be misunderstood.

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By Todd Joyce | Posted: February 14th, 2011 | 1 comment


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  1. Very good point Todd. Words have power to convey meanings we never intended, as are often filtered through our own perceptions and non-verbal clues, depending on each person’s individual experiences. Even better – write any agreements down and get an unrelated person to read it through, and see if they understood all the implications you intended…

    Some people can find it annoying though – my husband in particular (he’s Cuban) as they can’t see why you are doing it!

    By Elaine Reel Life Photos | Feb 14, 2011



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