Assist to Learn the Intangibles

[by Jay Kinghorn]

Congratulations, you’ve just graduated from a prestigious photo school with a spectacular portfolio and you’re ready to change the world. As you start your career as a professional, I strongly encourage you to assist another photographer to learn the ropes of running a profitable photography business.

While assisting, watch and listen to the way your photographer interacts with clients, manages jobs and handles problems. These intangibles are often the difference between a good photographer with a busy, profitable studio and a great photographer with a stellar portfolio but no clients because they don’t understand the “soft skills” necessary for success.

By Jay Kinghorn | Posted: November 17th, 2010 | 2 comments


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  1. I would add: seek out and assist a photographer who inspires you.

    By William Wallis | Nov 17, 2010


  2. William,
    Good addition. Thanks for adding!


    By Jay Kinghorn | Nov 18, 2010



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