Action Trumps Inaction

[by Charles Gupton]

Although it’s against my perfectionist nature, I am finding that with today’s fast changing market conditions, I’m needing to make a huge number of decisions without first having all the information I’d like to have in hand.

However, as I look around, I’m seeing way too many people living in fear of making wrong decisions — a fear that even a small failure will be catastrophic. But I’m also seeing that time and again, the riskiest decision one can make is to do nothing. So, just make a decision and act on it.

Action trumps inaction.

By Charles Gupton | Posted: December 22nd, 2009 | 1 comment


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  1. I agree. A friend of mine once made the observation that it’s easier to change the direction of a car when it’s rolling than when standing still. He meant that it’s easier to move and make course corrections than it is to figure everything out before moving. I have mostly found that even a wrong decision is generally better than waffling and making no decision at all. Except in the really big cases like marriage, etc. You definitely want to muster all available wisdom there.

    By Greg Karpoff | Dec 26, 2009



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