Five Technology Trends You Should Be Watching

You can view them as threats or as opportunities, but these five trends will have an impact on you, as a professional photographer, in the not-too-distant future.

Multimedia: Perhaps the most familiar of the five trends, multimedia uses of photography are just starting to gain traction outside journalistic circles. While using photography in multimedia is nothing new, the Internet has provided a platform for photographers to use their photos in new and different ways. The result: an unprecedented opportunity for photographers to share their vision with the world.

The Mobile Web: The adoption of the mobile web was growing slowly until the iPhone appeared. Now, with the App Store, it seems every company wants to advertise their products and services on a mobile platform. The new “double-truck” is a 480×320 pixel screen. How will you adjust your photography to the new medium?

Immersive Web Sites: First there was text, then text with photos, then video; as more users connect to the Web via broadband, the visual sophistication of Web sites is increasing exponentially. Sites like Patagonia’s TinShed and the Star Trek Movie Site rely heavily on graphics for content, navigation and visual texture.

Computer Generated Imaging (CGI)
: We’ve already grown accustomed to seeing CGI integrated with live action in movies and now we’re seeing CGI integrated with still photography. Already, many auto companies are compositing CGI renderings of new cars with photographic background. CGI can be seen as both a cost-savings to clients and a way to achieve an impossible photograph. Whether or not photo studios will need to add green screen to their white seamless remains to be seen.

Augmented Reality: Layering, or “augmenting” computer generated imagery on top of real world objects through the use of a video or Web cam connects the virtual world with the physical world. Rather than try and explain, here are a few links to give you an idea of where this might be headed.
Toppstown AR baseball Cards
German Mini Car Ad
Lego Kiosk

By Jay Kinghorn | Posted: May 28th, 2009 | 1 comment


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