SB2 video – The Basics of Copyright and Licensing

Copyright and licensing together are the business backbone of our industry. Both are rapidly evolving. Changes to copyright law are soon expected and the licensing model, as we once knew it, is under siege. It is important to note that as the process evolves, the premise is still here.

We now market our businesses via blogs, web sites and emails, but we are still marketing. And, to price your work appropriately, you still need to understand the basics of copyright and licensing. So watch this …

(Editor’s note: This video has been superseded by newer information. Please look over the ASMP Copyright Tutorial and, in particular, the How to Register Podcast.)

By Susan Carr | Posted: April 14th, 2009 | 11 comments


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  1. Great video. Presented in clear, concise terms.

    By Peggy | May 21, 2009


  2. Thank you so much for all the information shared, I have learned a lot by watching this presentation.

    By Ivonne | May 21, 2009


  3. Please send me a pdf file on copyright and licensing
    Thank you,

    By Josefina Gamundi | May 21, 2009


  4. thanks for that information, is there any way i can put this on my site i am a photographer doing mainly weddings on the island my biggest client are people comming from all over the world to get married in the caribbean,i will normally do a lot of shots and have them pick out what they want according to the amount of photos that was ordered,and they will get it on a cd the ballance of photos wich was not choosen is the topic,some time the couple tries to convince me that all of the photos belong to then and thats when i have to explain to them about copyright thanks for the info it has given me greater confidence

    By Charles Scott | May 21, 2009


  5. Awesome, short but sweet brake down of the process. Thank you, Susan

    By Angelina | May 21, 2009


  6. Put a link to the video on your site. It is housed in the video library on this site.

    By Susan Carr | May 21, 2009


  7. Looking for a written form of this information – go to

    By Susan Carr | May 21, 2009


  8. [...] To remember always about copyright Recently i was invited to participate in a virtual trade show announced by PDN. I found a video titled The Basics of copyright and licensing by the American Society of Media Photographers. Is clear, not take much time and refresh something basic for all of us that make a living with photophaphy. [...]


  9. Keep working ,great job!

    By Matt | May 22, 2009


  10. This is perfect… great video.
    I once lost my rights to some images for not knowing.

    But thanks to ASMP and the photographers who are willing to share and teach others.

    thank you guys.

    By JP Sevillano | Dec 2, 2009


  11. Thanks for posting.Love it!

    By Anya Coleman | Aug 19, 2010



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