Welcome to the ASMP Strictly Business Blog. We plan to bring you business tips, thought provoking ideas, useful resources, videos and podcasts all focused on professional photography. Our team of contributors are ASMP educators who will share posts you can enjoy with your morning coffee, on a break or a commute. Add the ASMP Strictly Business Blog to your daily routine and start focusing on your business now.

We start off with a bang by bringing you the first two chapters of the Strictly Business 2 Interview Series. These segments ran as lecture intros throughout the ASMP Strictly Business 2  weekends in 2008. We interviewed six successful and diverse photographers and came away with a wealth of information on what it takes to be a professional photographer today.

In this first video, our photographers tell us how they got started in the business. (5 min. 56 sec.)

Now hear what these photographers have to say about copyright. (5 min. 37 sec.) Don’t be surprised that the intro repeats, these videos are designed to also work as solo acts. Personally, I benefit by repeatedly hearing Chase Jarvis telling me, “… you don’t just drop your price or raise your price for no reason.” Enjoy.

By Susan Carr | Posted: March 12th, 2009 | 23 comments


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  1. Really nice … great work.


    By jim dispirito | Mar 20, 2009


  2. Great!
    Can you add Bloglines to the list of RSS feeds, please? Thanks!

    By gale zucker | Mar 23, 2009


  3. This is a fabulous idea!

    I look forward to reading it.

    By gothamtomato | Mar 23, 2009


  4. Glad that you started this. I’ve got your feed!!!

    By Renee@Rosensteel.com | Mar 23, 2009


  5. Bravo! Fab start to a great tool for the membership!

    By Anne Hamersky | Mar 23, 2009


  6. Inspiring video and interviews. Thanks for putting this together ASMP.

    By Mike Ritter | Mar 23, 2009


  7. I am looking forward to the future of the Strictly Business Blog and the community it may build. You have a great start!

    By Allen | Mar 23, 2009


  8. Thanks, and great job to all that contributed to this valuable resource.
    Looks wonderful.

    By Ed | Mar 23, 2009


  9. Congratulations!!! This looks great and is launching just in time for a mention in the news section of the ASMP Bulletin’s spring issue!


    By Jill Waterman | Mar 23, 2009


  10. Great! I joined ASMP late last year and missed the SB2 seminars, so I’m exciteed to see the content and look forward to future posts. Just a thought, the intro quotes ran about 1:30 (about a 1/3 of the total post); you can probably cut that down. :) Thanks, again!

    By Andy Hagedon | Mar 23, 2009


  11. I too believe in copyright. but most magazine companies(ie conde nast, merideth, etc) and ad agencies are trying to take copyright with their contracts, especially in this terrible economic climate.

    By James Worrell | Mar 23, 2009


  12. It is wonderful to see ASMP moving to web 2.0 (now get ready for 3.0…). I enjoyed hearing the comments, and generally agree with the views expressed. I would have liked different intro information for each clip, as I think that will make people want to keep clicking. Now were do we post our own videos and blog posts?


    By Edward McCain | Mar 23, 2009


  13. I’d love to subscribe to the blog so that entries are sent to me by email. Is that possible?

    By Michele Stapleton | Mar 23, 2009


  14. You can always scroll past the intro – the movie downloads quite quickly because it’s a small compressed flv file – so it’s downloaded before within 5-7 seconds and you can just move the playhead past the intro.

    By Gail Mooney | Mar 23, 2009


  15. peaking of Web 2.0 what is ASMP’s policy on this:

    By Jason Wallis | Mar 23, 2009


  16. http://www.asmp.org/articles/press-release-09-02-18.html

    Here is a press release regarding the recent attempt to change Facebook Terms of Service. What may be of greater concern than the proposed changes is the current terms of service which allow Facebook to pretty much do anything they want with your content as long as you maintain an account. If you participate, you should consider your content fair game for the world!


    By Eugene Mopsik | Mar 24, 2009


  17. Please ditch the minute and a half long intro over every video. Most of your viewers are going to see every episode. Don’t put yourself in the position where every viewer clicks forward to get to the actual content. it’s really annoying. I watched both videos and had to wait around 1:25 to get to the “goods”. The “goods” end at around 5:30. And then there’s around 27 sec of credits. Add the intro and the credits and thats 2 minutes of 6 minutes total. Cut the intro and credits and you save 1/3 third in bandwidth charges. On an unrelated note: The Bruce Davidson talk was awesome.

    By anooooon | Mar 25, 2009


  18. Great job! I hope that people new to the business will listen. It would be great to do something about negotiating and pricing. In our economy every photo buyer tries to get a deal and agencies undercutting the prices. If a photographer sells images directly it is important to stick up to your prices!

    By Wolfgang Kaehler | Mar 25, 2009


  19. Check out the latest video on Paperwork. Runs about 8 minutes +. For the folks who are “annoyed” by the intro – you have the very simple option of scrolling past it.

    By Gail Mooney | Mar 25, 2009


  20. I’ve tried numerous times throughout the day to see “Copyright.” I keep getting “could not load media.” Could someone please check it? I opened and viewed the two others without any problem.

    By Elli Morris | Mar 26, 2009


  21. Hey very nice blog!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your blog and take the feeds also…

    By Magazine Ads | Mar 31, 2009


  22. Excellent information, this type of info is enough to have me join ASMP.
    Thank You

    By Joe Franco | Oct 5, 2010


  23. nicely done. I do agree with the writer above that jumping right in may reach more people than the long intro.

    By Sherrlyn | Jan 24, 2011



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