Thoughts on Pricing, Business and the Impact of Digital

This next SB2 interview video installment (10 min, 30 sec) gives us a wide array of perspectives on our industry’s evolution and ideas on how we can make that work for business. Take a look and then share your thoughts. We have lots to learn from each other.

By Susan Carr | Posted: March 31st, 2009 | 5 comments


5 Responses to 'Thoughts on Pricing, Business and the Impact of Digital'

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  1. Great start to the blog – business practices is an informational niche that ASMP can fill like nobody else.

    But this video is too broad in its content, and too shallow. I was expecting some meat on pricing from the post’s title, but pricing was hardly mentioned.

    Again, big props on taking on the challenge of a blog. As someone who wasn’t able to attend, I definitely appreciate the broadcasting of material from Strictly Business 2, but so far the content has been only introductory. I’m looking forward to more.

    By Chris Bohnhoff | Mar 31, 2009


  2. Chris,
    These interview videos were produced to be introductions to full lectures given at SB2, so they are by design broad and introductory. Next week, we will begin posting videos of lectures given at SB2 and I hope you find the meat you are looking for.

    Thanks for the kind comments on launching the blog. We are excited to offer this resource and ideas from the community help us make it better.

    By Susan Carr | Mar 31, 2009


  3. As someone who consults with studios and photographers CONSTANTLY, this is a very timely piece.

    Being creative and running a business is both a left and right brain activity … and one many photographers srtuggle with.

    It’s good to see perspectives from the experts to help us make sense of it all!

    |Brandon Oelling

    By Brandon Oelling | Apr 1, 2009


  4. Please do teach more on the art and economics of pricing. I personally want to learn from the experienced, so that I don’t ruin the market for all others.

    By Richard J. Martin | Apr 1, 2009


  5. Exactly, what @chris said..broad and shallow….I look forward to something with more meat in it.

    By Wilfredo | Jan 7, 2010



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