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Working Backwards

[by John Welsh]

I have very few regrets. One of them is found in this post by Tom Kennedy. “Earlier in my career, I worked for a brilliant editor.” I somehow missed that action. And now that the bar has been lowered by The Image That is Good Enough, where can we find wisdom that enables us to keep growing? Right back to this post, to dig until we find what makes us professional (hint: it’s not the camera).

John Welsh, is currently the Philadelphia Chapter President, and is busy planning subterranean excursions to capture the leftovers of life underground (which is also a much more interesting way to hide from the August heat).

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Worth a Second Look: How Attractive Can You Be?

[by Luke Copping]

This is a post that I have come back to a lot over the last few years (like many of Colleen’s writings). In a time where so many photographers are needlessly expending energy trying to be all things to all people and putting faith in misleading social media metrics rather than real world impact – this article serves as a needed reminder about the powers of relevance, connection, patience, and making it about them and not you.

Luke Copping is an advertising and editorial photographer from Buffalo, NY – he works hard at telling stories about his subjects rather than just stories about himself.

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Get Connected

Strictly Business On My Mind

[by Jenna Close]

Below are some of the Strictly Business posts that I think of most often. Enjoy.

  • Gail Mooney: Continued Convergence
    Where are we going? What’s next for our industry? These are questions we can no longer afford to stop asking, ever. To that end, the convergence that Gail speaks of continues to become more and more a part of my business.
  • Tom Kennedy: Ready to Launch
    Whether you are just starting out or have been in business 20 years, networking is something that always needs attention. I remind myself often of Tom’s strong-tie/weak-tie advice and usually find that I need to balance my own connections out a bit more between the two.
  • John Welsh: New Territories
    Thinking outside the box and becoming the market you are trying to reach. That’s what John’s talking about here, and it’s a concept I keep at the forefront when assessing the direction of my business.
  • Michael Clark: Shooting Snowboarding in August
    Michael’s story makes me smile every time I read it. It reminds me of so many things I need to hold high when fighting for what I do: professionalism, problem solving, the joy of the challenge, the ability to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Jenna Close has been writing for Strictly Business for just over 4 years. She can be found at

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Building on the Past

It’s been over 5 years since the late Susan Carr founded this blog.  In that time, we have amassed a spectacular archive of useful and inspiring posts.  This week, our contributors share some of the posts that have stuck with them.  If there are posts that you’ve found particularly valuable – whether from 5 years ago or 5 days, please share them in the comments so others might benefit as you have.  ~ Judy Herrmann, Editor

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