What is a Professional?

A lot of people with guitars can play guitar. The person who plays at the coffee shop is a professional to some, the person who plays at the wedding is a pro to others, the guy doing tours of local or national clubs is a pro to others, and then you have the rock star. The point being that what a Pro is, is often in the eyes of the client or the audience.

The client wants what they want, and in an increasing number of instances they don’t care where it comes from as long as the image works. This goes for editorial, advertising, fine art, video,  and other forms of what we do. This has always been the case, it is just that in the past clients had access to a smaller number of shooters and a different type of imagery was acceptable for public consumption.

So maybe the question isn’t what we think a professional is, that is easy, maybe the question is what does each client think a professional is, when do certain skill sets matter, or not, and what will be the definition of a professional photographer in the future.