Welcome to the ASMP Strictly Business Blog. We plan to bring you business tips, thought provoking ideas, useful resources, videos and podcasts all focused on professional photography. Our team of contributors are ASMP educators who will share posts you can enjoy with your morning coffee, on a break or a commute. Add the ASMP Strictly Business Blog to your daily routine and start focusing on your business now.

We start off with a bang by bringing you the first two chapters of the Strictly Business 2 Interview Series. These segments ran as lecture intros throughout the ASMP Strictly Business 2 weekends in 2008. We interviewed six successful and diverse photographers and came away with a wealth of information on what it takes to be a professional photographer today.

In this first video, our photographers tell us how they got started in the business. (5 min. 56 sec.)

Now hear what these photographers have to say about copyright. (5 min. 37 sec.) Don’t be surprised that the intro repeats, these videos are designed to also work as solo acts. Personally, I benefit by repeatedly hearing Chase Jarvis telling me, “… you don’t just drop your price or raise your price for no reason.” Enjoy.