The Internet, Only More So

I’ve advocated using the internet to do business since I fell backwards into it myself with a blog, LinkedIn, and one of the first 10,000 Twitter accounts. Most of my work and many of the relationships I’ve made over the past 12 years are either directly, or, more usually, indirectly attributable to some connection made via the internet, including all my connections to ASMP.

As 2016 dawns, we’re clearly dealing with a very different internet than we were back in 2004, or even in 2008, when I was first hired to start explaining how it worked from a marketing perspective. Attention is scarcer and the pace is faster than ever before. In other words, it’s a lot like 2008, only even more so.

While I hope others will speak to how greatly the tools have changed (and point me toward the best ones, as it’s easy to fall behind with the ever-increasing pace of things), I keep my name firmly attached to the principles I’ve espoused all along as being the right ones still: in short, be useful, be specific, and be nice, only much, much more so.

(To this I would perhaps add only “Be careful”. I’m finishing up So You’ve Been Publicly Shamedright now, Jon Ronson’s scary but great recounting and analysis of all the ways the internet can turn against us–or rather, how we end up turning against each other on the internet. While the rules of engagement have not changed, the rules of who’s fair game definitely have!)

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