Model & Property Releases : My Top Ten Favorite Quick Tips

#10: Get all releases signed before shooting and fill out all sections of the release.  Always.

#9: If you aren’t using the new ASMP Releases app, scan your paper releases at 200ppi in full-color at actual size and archive them along with your image files.

#8: Never leave home without PDF copies of blank releases on your laptop/tablet computer/smart phone – even if you’re using the ASMP Releases app, it’s smart to have copies in case you don’t have cellular reception on site.

#7: If a model or property owner will not sign a release; have them fill it out anyway as a record of their full contact information so that you may contact them later should they change their mind.

#6: For stock, use the stock agency’s most up to date mandated release. Do not use your own.  The ASMP Releases app includes the standard Getty Images release, which is accepted by many stock agencies.

#5: Take a photo of the model’s driver’s license, passport, student ID, or other official identification as verification of age and representation.  Put this photo on the release.

#4: When traveling, consider using releases in the foreign language of the country that you will be visiting.

#3: If you use the ASMP Releases app or another digital release application on your tablet computer or smart phone; remember to charge that device to full capacity, and/or bring backup batteries.  Bring paper releases too.

#2: If you trade images with a model/property in return for a signed release, document that trade in writing.

#1: Consider having Errors and Omissions Insurance (to assist for coverage in any disputes with models or property) added to your business insurance package.