Editorial Photography is as Important as Ever

No matter how the future of journalism shakes out, the need to tell stories with photographs will always be a part of the picture.

At some point, the traditional media we have known all our lives will cease to exist. In the future, companies will be their own media outlets, depending more upon professionals to share their stories. Photographers who position themselves well will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Web is a visual place.  News, sports and editorial websites will continue to demand fresh content and imagery.  Photographers are beginning to develop relationships with these new media outlets. Although most online channels are not mass media companies, they have opportunities for photographers as more are beginning to value good photography. The quality of e-paper-based technologies will continue to improve and the demand for creative, high-quality images will increase.

Don’t forget about video.  The new cameras now include video, which is an excellent support to help us share the stories we are hired to tell.