2015: Successful Promotion with Mail and Email

By January 15, 2016Strictly Business Blog

Our 30th webinar featured Agency Access consultants Angee Murray and Andrea Maurio who offered an insider’s glimpse of both the commercial and editorial markets, covering everything from finding the right prospects for your list and mastering the intricacies of both email and direct mail to figuring out what to show, when to send and how to showcase both motion and still projects.

Packed with visual examples, case studies and personal stories, Angee and Andrea offered solid tips and advice for successfully marketing your work, including:

  • “Consistency.  I always think of consistency as the secret sauce.  It’s bringing awareness to your clients.  It’s about targeting your audience and staying in front of them every other month or every quarter.” (~6:45)
  • “Email’s great. It offers measurable stats, it’s more affordable ,but if you just do email, that’s only one channel of marketing and it’s not enough. Buyers are not going to remember you if that’s all that you do. With direct mail, it’s more targeted but it doesn’t go to everyone. It usually only goes to your top choices, right? And it’s more expensive so not everyone receives it. So they really go hand in hand. You can send an email and follow up with a direct mail with the same imagery. And if you can’t do six a year, then you find creative ways to keep the costs down.” (~8:30)
  • “The Direct Marketing Association reports that communicating to customers across multiple channels will greatly increase the clients’ awareness. Two channels increase awareness by 20-60%. Three channels doubles it. So we always recommend at least three channels.” (~9:25)
  • “Do your homework on the dream client list. What does the advertising look like? What does the magazine look like? Look at ad agencies, go to the work and see what they’re doing for their clients. If you’re not sure, there’s a great website calledagencycompile.com that you can find the agency of record for the client or you could also check out some of the resources Andrea mentioned like We love Ad, Ads of the World and there’s also magazine media kits.” (~19:00)
  • “If you’re just starting out, the most important thing is having somebody help you look at your images and see what’s worthy of marketing. Whether that’s a professional art director or photo editor that you happen to know or if you don’t know those people, maybe it’s time to hire somebody to help you…Once you identify what those images are, keeping up on social media and just sending out emails or a pdf portfolio or a personal email that just shows your latest work. Some sort of marketing that lets people know that you exist and that you’re out there. Showing your portfolio around, maybe portfolio reviews, getting feedback that way…you may not have a lot of work yet but if you have enough for a website or a portfolio, there should be enough there to start some sort of marketing.” (~60:00)

Watch the full recording here (use password ASMPpromote).

Our posts this week cover just a small sampling of the incredible library of recordings available.  You owe it to yourself and your career to check out all 30 recorded webinars.

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