2013: Do It Yourself PR 101

By January 13, 2016Strictly Business Blog

The many excellent programs we ran in 2013 included one on a topic few photographers fully utilize – Public Relations, which featured Amy Flurry, author of Recipe for Press.  A professional editor and frequent contributor to Condé Nast Traveler, Country Living, InStyle and more, Amy described exactly what editors, bloggers and writers are looking for. With an emphasis on making your story irresistible and the critical role photographs play, Amy explained how we can use our skills to not only generate buzz for ourselves but to also sell our understanding of what makes a publishable photo or clip to clients who want to see their names or products in print.

Amy drops lots of tasty tidbits throughout the program including:

  • “People who are out there looking to partner with you, find you because they read about you. Somebody who needs your services then finds you more approachable because they read about you and they have the validation of editors behind it who wanted to write about you so there’s a level of trust that they can take just from seeing you in a magazine or written about on a blog. There’s that understanding that someone has vetted this person and so they get past the trust and go straight for story and opportunities can come out of that.” (~6:07)
  • “You have to think like an editor about your own brand. That’s how you get in the magazine or that’s how you get the attention of a writer. You think like an editor rather than thinking you are approaching an editor. That will get your farther, quicker, into the pitch process.” (~11:40)
  • “When a writer sits down with someone that we’re interested in, we don’t hear one story – and in fact, we don’t want to hear your whole story. The part of the story we’re looking for is the part that matters to the pages we write and that’s a very, very important thing to digest.” (~12:20)
  • “We’re not going to talk about someone just for being a good photographer and look at all these projects they’ve done – that’s an advertisement. We’re looking to tell your story.  What’s your back story? Who do you work with and collaborate with that might be a great story? What are your interests outside of photography? We would still talk about you as a photographer but we would talk about a hobby you do that might have some timely nature to it.” (~35:15)
  • “If you are sincere in your efforts to put yourself out there and to use press to attract more business or to attract people you want to collaborate with, then you need to have a great picture of yourself in your about section…when we see that you have a great picture of yourself that we could potentially use, it just signals that you are ready for press and it lets us know at a glance that you’re right for our demographic.” (~43:30)

Throughout the program, Amy uses case studies, including several that feature photographers, to demonstrate exactly how to get press – and how to use the press you get to generate even more press.

Check out the full recording on Vimeo using the password ASMPpr101 or click here to view links to all 30 Business as unUsual recordings.

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