One of the major concerns of ASMP members is the legal protection of creative works. Access to legal resources related to contracts, releases, copyright registration, and other issues that members address each day in their studios, or out on a shoot, is crucial to ensuring legal compliance and contractual obligations in all business activities. ASMP is taking steps to secure partnerships with attorneys and legal entities to provide information and advice on legal issues facing members, and to support members’ needs in all related areas of legal topics.

Business and Legal FAQs

There are many factors involved when defining business and legal details to incorporate into designing business projects, such as, contracts, releases, etc. ASMP has provided a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in obtaining information about a variety of topics.

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With the purpose of the release being to protect one from any future lawsuits the person(s) might file for claims such as defamation and invasion of privacy, a photographer should be knowledgeable about when a release is required.

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Being able to distinguish good contracts from bad is a necessary requirement in a photographer’s commercial success. ASMP seeks to provide resources to assist members in determining critical elements that strengthen or weaken a contractual agreement.

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Authors Coalition Funds

ASMP receives periodic distributions from the Authors Coalition of America. These funds are designated for use solely in industry education and advocacy. ASMP has used these distributions to support a variety of industry-related initiatives including the production of business education for imaging professionals, lobbying efforts on capital hill, support of legal cases, and grants to outside organizations such as Eddie Adams Workshops and the Picture Licensing Universal System.
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Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property (CPIP)

ASMP and the Center for the Protection of Intellectual Property CPIP) have partnered to provide members with viable legal options in addressing infringement of creative works.

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