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Jenna Close ASMP Chair Message from Jenna Close, National Board Chair


As the opening of 2017 draws near, we are faced with political uncertainty. How will this new landscape affect us, our clients and our way of business? As the answer unfolds I want to remind everyone that we have great power in our role as storytellers and communicators. Buckle down and use your skills on behalf of your clients, but also for yourself. Dedicate time to personal projects. Market to organizations you believe in and keep a close eye on ASMP’s copyright and advocacy work. If you see a way to aid your peers or your community or ASMP itself then step in, put your shoulder to the challenge, and help us all move forward.

TomKennedy_BW_100-1Message from Tom Kennedy, Executive Director

Thanks to all of you who have continued to believe in the mission of ASMP and support us with your time, talent, and treasure as we have worked in 2016 to restructure to better meet the challenges of the ever-changing 21st century world.

Looking forward, the New Year offers us the chance to continue making necessary adjustments and improvements so we truly meet the mission demands of helping members to be their “best selves,” whether creatively or in operating as small business people.

Achievements in 2016

Last year we laid important groundwork for future success. We restructured our operations to achieve considerable reductions in operating expenses and rebuild a financial reserve for the future.  We retooled our member services, national staff, and launched a new website that better reflects the strength of our members and our public face as a visual organization.  We also succeeded in getting the House Judiciary Committee to commit to modernization of the U.S. Copyright Office, and implementation of a small claims tribunal process as key legislative priorities for the next Congress.  Bills were introduced and legislators will be re-introducing them in this session to push forward toward enactment.

Working with the national board, we have put processes in place to create greater support for community building through transparency, and the creation of appropriate resources and programs.

Initiatives for 2017

Moving forward, we will continue to improve the website, particularly Find a Photographer, and support members with vigorous marketing and thought leadership.  We will continue to build tools and processes to support community building among chapters and between individual members.  We will work for the passage of legislation in Congress that achieves our advocacy priorities.  Finally, we will use member feedback to shape the development of business resources and educational programs, including webinars, while also continuing to provide members with legal support when needed.

I am excited to have a new staff team in place that can serve members effectively and I am optimistic that, working together, we can shape a new chapter in ASMP history.  My feelings are best expressed in a favorite quote from Mahatma Gandhi:  “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

As we set priorities for the new year, we welcome your comments at and encourage you to renew your membership so we can keep the forward momentum!

National at Upcoming Events


9th Tom Kennedy meeting with Phoenix chapter board

24th-28th Participation of Tom Kennedy at FOTOFusion as a panelist and speaker:

Panel: Surviving Today’s Market – With Todd Bigelow, Adam Stoltman, Scott McKiernan and Tom Kennedy. The panel will address the question: “What does a modern freelance photojournalist have to do to survive and thrive in this day of rights grabs, “exposure” instead of payment and anemic day-rates?” Moderated by William Snyder.

Speaker:  Making a Creative Life – Navigating today’s turbulent economic system challenges every professional photography to adapt to changing technologies and business models.  Tom Kennedy talks about the personal traits and mental attitudes that can foster nimbleness, adaptability and resilience in the face of continuous change.

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