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With an emphasis on open and honest dialog, the Business as unUsual series focuses on providing information professional photographers can use right now to build or expand your business.

We provide the experts, you provide the questions. Come join the conversation!

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2015/2016 Programs

Ask Anything!

Heather Elder
Rep and creator of Notes from a Rep’s Journal
Recorded on September 16, 2015

Twenty years of representing an insanely talented roster of photographers and a long-standing commitment to fostering community and transparency make Heather Elder one of the most knowledgeable and approachable industry experts around. Rather than limit Heather to single topic, we’re going to let you loose for 60 minutes of non-stop Q&A where you’re encouraged to take advantage of Heather’s deep knowledge of all things photobiz. From working with a rep, art buyer or producer to marketing and portfolio development, selling your services, managing client expectations and resolving client conflicts, join us for a free-wheeling conversation about what it takes to make it as a professional photographer today.

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Find Your Style

John Keatley
Advertising & Celebrity Photographer
Recorded October 28, 2015

In a world that is saturated with cameras, clients desire – and demand – more than just a traditional photographer. They want to work with an artist who has a point of view. John Keatley has built an exciting career as an advertising and celebrity portrait photographer by developing and marketing his unique artistic vision. He joins us to discuss one of his passions: how to find your style and voice so you can set yourself apart from the masses and truly thrive in this industry.

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21st Century Copyright & You

Tom Kennedy
ASMP Executive Director
Recorded November 18, 2015

No legislative act has a greater impact on your ability to earn a living as a creator than copyright. For the first time since 1976, Congress and the Copyright Office are engaged in serious talks to significantly modernize the Copyright Act and the Copyright Office itself. Global corporations with deep pockets have already aligned against the interests of independent creators. Only our numbers and a strong unified voice can counter their lobbyists and their messaging. ASMP Executive Director Tom Kennedy will give you a solid understanding of what’s at play and how you can contribute to the process to ensure that you’ll be able to earn a living in this new era of copyright.

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Successful Promotion with Mail & eMail

Angee Murray and Andrea Maurio
Agency Access consultants
December 9, 2015

1:00 – 2:00 pm easternLearn how to use direct mail and email to successfully promote your work to the right clients from two leading experts in the field! With years of experience as an Art Buyer for Saatchi LA and Photo Editor at Runner’s World / Rodale Publishing respectively, Agency Access consultants Angee Murray and Andrea Maurio offer you an insider’s glimpse of both the commercial and editorial markets, covering everything from finding the right prospects for your list and mastering the intricacies of both email and direct mail to figuring out what to show, when to send and how to showcase both motion and still projects.

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You’ve Been Infringed, Now What?

Bruce Bellingham & Peter McCall
IP Attorneys, Spector, Gadon and Rosen, P.C.
and Scott Burroughs
IP Litigator, Doniger/Burroughs
January 27, 2016

1:00 – 2:00 pm easternEvery day, hundreds of photographers experience the frustration and heartbreak of seeing their work used without their permission – and without compensation. IP Attorneys Bruce Bellingham and Peter McCall of Spector, Gadon and Rosen, P.C.will be joined by fellow IP Litigator Scott Burroughs of Doniger/Burroughs. Together, they will outline the remedies currently available to photographers whose work has been infringed and help you protect your work and your livelihood by providing best practices you should follow to maximize your chances of a successful resolution.

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SageOne: Less Work. More Business.

Sage One Accounting
Introduction by Paul Little of Sage One
March 9, 2016

2:00 – 3:00 pm easternSage One Accounting software connects and automates your business, bringing together business essentials into one place. From the Sage One online application, keep track of payments and expenses and collect financial reports. Now you can get more done in fewer steps and save time. Sage One makes managing your business easier. To learn more about what Sage One has to offer your business, attend ASMP member benefit webinar and demo of the application.

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2014/2015 Programs

Photoshop/Lightroom Tips and Tricks

Julieanne Kost
Evangelist, Adobe Systems
Recorded on September 17, 2014

ASMP launches the 2014/2015 webinar series with Adobe Evangelist Julieanne Kost sharing her favorite Photoshop® and Lightroom® tips and tricks! Take your skills to the next level — don’t miss this exciting interactive online webinar.

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You Got the Call, Now What?

Cristopher Lapp
Recorded on October 15, 2014

Acclaimed fashion photographer Cristopher Lapp walks you through how he developed the budget for a recent large-scale fashion shoot, breaking down every step from the questions he asked the client to the final presentation of his estimate. Join us for tips, tricks and insights that will help you land your next big job.

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Vision + U = Success

Jennifer Kilberg & Amanda Sosa Stone
Agency Access
Recorded on November 12, 2014

Today’s market demands that photographers understand their visual voice and communicate it clearly. Respected Agency Access consultants Jennifer Kilberg and Amanda Sosa Stone show you what a vision-based portfolio/online gallery looks like and how to develop your own cohesive body of work.

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Designing Your Photography Career

Judy Herrmann
Recorded on December 10, 2014

Photographers today have to be as innovative in how they think about their careers as they are in their creative work. Whether you’re inventing or reinventing your photography business, the tools, insights and strategies Judy Herrmann shares will help you take your career from where you are right now to where you want it to go.

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Building Your Motion Team

Rhea Anna
Recorded on January 14, 2015

We all know motion is a collaborative sport, but how do you take all those moving parts and turn them into a well-oiled machine? Celebrated lifestyle photographer/director Rhea Anna uses her own work as a springboard to illustrate how to build your team, assign and manage roles and responsibilities, and inspire your collaborators to give you their very best. Along the way, she shares tips on sussing out your clients’ unspoken needs and providing an outstanding experience they’ll want to repeat.

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What’s Working in Social Media Today?

Rosh Sillars
Recorded on February 18, 2015

Social Media can help you build an engaged audience of dedicated clients and evangelists, or it can be an enormous time suck that takes you nowhere. Rosh Sillars, who literally wrote the book on social media for photographers, talks about what’s changed, what’s the same and how to make social media work for you.

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Using CGI to Grow Your Business

Walt Jones
Recorded on Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Today, many types of photography are increasingly relying on CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) to bring new creative freedoms and realize cost efficiencies. Award-winning photographer and CGI producer/designer Walt Jones walks you through what CGI can (and can’t) do for your imagery and creative process while discussing how these incredible tools can open doors to new business. Whether you’re looking to provide new creative options to your existing clients or attract new business from untapped regions of your market, you’ll get the tools you need to take your imagery to the next level.

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Doug Menuez
Recorded on Wednesday, April 22, 2015

For 15 years, Award-winning documentary photographer Doug Menuez was given exclusive behind-the-scenes access to document Steve Jobs and the greatest innovators of the digital revolution as they invented the technology that changed our world. Doug shares images from Fearless Genius: The Digital Revolution in Silicon Valley 1985-2000while discussing his vision, strategies, experiences and challenges working with sponsors and partners to turn his eyewitness story into a cross-media platform, which includes a documentary, TV series, web destination, traveling exhibits and education programs to inspire the next generation of innovators.

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Estimating with Confidence

Lynn Kyle
Recorded on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You’ve made the connection, made an impression, and have been asked to quote on a project, but where do you start? These days, even the most experienced photographers seem to struggle with pricing their work, sussing out client needs and negotiating favorable fees. An experienced Art Buyer and Producer, Lynn Kyle will help you understand how to ask the right questions, come up with the right numbers and build lasting relationships as you navigate the maze of pricing and estimating. Join us for this extended online webinar on pricing and estimating with plenty of time to get your questions answered.

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2013/2014 Programs

Leverage Your Content

Deb Pang Davis
Faculty, Syracuse University Newhouse School
Recorded on September 11, 2013

A detailed discussion packed with visual examples demonstrating how photographers can use apps, e-books and other new technologies to repackage existing content into effective marketing tools.

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Facebook for Photographers

Mari Smith
Social Media Marketing Expert
Recorded on October 2, 2013

Facebook strategies, tools and tips from one of the top social media marketing experts in the world.

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DIY PR 101

Amy Flurry
Recipe for Press,
Recorded on November 6, 2013

A conversation on Do-It-Yourself PR — learn how to make your story irresistible to editors, bloggers and writers and grow your business by generating buzz for yourself and your clients.

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Social Media Risks & Rewards

Peter Krogh & Richard Kelly
Recorded on December 18, 2013

90 minutes
An important conversation about Social Media Terms of Use, new tools and technologies that can minimize your risks and maximize your rewards and best practices for participating in Social Media. Includes extended Q&A.

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Self-Publish Your Photography Book

Jason Gardner
Creator & Publisher, A Flower in the Mouth
Recorded on January 8, 2014

Based on his own experiences, Jason Gardner provides a candid overview of the countless decisions and actions necessary to design, crowd-fund, print and distribute your photography book.

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The Art of the Estimate

Kat Dalager
3e The Lifetime Agency
Recorded on February 19, 2014

90 minutes
Veteran Art Producer Kat Dalager offers in-depth insights from a buyer’s perspective on what makes or breaks an estimate. Includes a point by point review of real estimates and treatments plus extensive Q&A.

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Your Creative Vision

Sean Kernan
Recorded on March 12, 2014

In a world where everyone has a camera, still and motion photographers have to offer clients something they can’t do themselves. Nurturing your creativity and your unique vision is a vital part of building a viable creative business today. For over 20 years, Sean Kernan has been studying and teaching creativity. Our conversation focuses on how to foster your creativity, develop your unique vision and help your clients buy into the value of truly creative work.

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Marketing the One True You

Colleen Wainwright
Recorded on April 23, 2014

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, standing out and attracting the right audience are harder than ever. Marketing maven Colleen Wainwright has long noted that the most effective marketing is less about yelling and selling, and more about “the truth of you translated into the language of them.” Join us as we discuss how to recognize and communicate the truth of you in your marketing efforts so you can reach and connect with the right audience for your work.

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You’ve Won the Job. Now What?

Kat Dalager
3e The Lifetime Agency
May 21, 2014
1:00 – 2:00 pm eastern
Live Q&A with Kat from 2:00 – 2:30 pm

Following on the heels of her acclaimed Art of the Estimate webinar, Kat Dalager returns to discuss the paperwork you’ll need after you’ve won the job. From Invoices and Purchase Orders to Advances and Collections, Kat offers real-world advice, tips and tools to help you get paid promptly and come across as the true professional you are. Our extended live Q&A will include opportunities to dive deeper into estimating & negotiating questions as well.

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Your Cohesive Vision

Tom Kennedy
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
1:00 – 2:00 pm eastern
Additional Q&A at 2:00-2:30

Professional photographers live and die by their portfolios — that small collection of hand-picked images that convince the buyer to reach out … or move on. A clearly articulated, cohesive vision gives clients confidence in your ability to do the job. As the former Director of Photography for National Geographic and Managing Editor for Multimedia at the Washington Post, Tom Kennedy understands visual storytelling like no one else. Tom joins host Judy Herrmann for a conversation that will help you understand the needs of photo editors and how to develop a powerful and visually consistent body of work.

Note: The examples and insights shared will come from Tom’s experience in the editorial & photojournalism sectors, but a majority of the key principles discussed apply to virtually all markets.

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2012/2013 Programs

Mary Virginia Swanson

Consultant, Educator, Author
Recorded November 7, 2012

Packed with visual examples, this program will help you develop a cohesive vision and identify a broad range of markets for your creative work.

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Sarah Fix

VP Creative, Blend Images
Recorded December 12, 2012

A visually rich presentation illustrating how changes in supply and demand, creative needs, and distribution platforms are affecting the stock industry and how to make licensing your stock images profitable.

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Jeff Sedlik

Co-Founder & CEO, PLUS Coalition — Picture Licensing Universal System
Recorded January 23, 2013

Learn about the tools PLUS provides to help you negotiate terms effectively, craft legally sound licenses, and keep your work and your contact information connected.

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Michael Bilbrey

Sr. Production Consultant, Leo Burnett USA
Recorded March 27, 2013

Insights from the 9th largest ad agency in the world on photographers’ self-promotion and how you can effectively communicate your vision, showcase your professionalism and address the intangibles that go into the hiring decision.

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Frank Meo

The Photo Closer
Recorded April 24, 2013

Learn how to shift the all-important Creative Call when clients call for an estimate, away from price and towards value, and win the job without being the lowest bidder.

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Danielle Currier and Larry Volk
Recorded May 29, 2013

A visual demonstration of how to evaluate, edit, and sequence your work and develop a distinctive brand identity across all of your promotional materials to attract the clients you want.

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Frederick Van Johnson

Host of This Week in Photo (TWiP)
Recorded June 26, 2013

Advice and tools that will help you use social media to grow your photography business and keep your social media presence going when your business gets busy.

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